Black Annis


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Black Annis


Can be traced back to 1874.

Said to haunt the countryside of Leicestershire, specifically the area around the Dane Hills.

Also known as Black Anna, Black Agnes, Black Anny, as well as Cat Anna.

There is a similar legend in Scotland, except the teeth are said to be red instead of white or yellow.

How do I recognise her?

A blue faced crone with iron claws and a taste for human flesh (especially children). So she’ll be the one trying to eat you.

Where will I find her?

Walk the Glens at night.

She lives in a cave, or in an old oak tree. It is claimed here that she hangs flayed skins of her victims out to dry on the oak’s branches.

How do I get her attention?

She goes out into the Glens at night to hunt for lambs or unsuspecting children. Also said to pounce from the top of Oak trees.

She would sometimes reach inside houses to snatch people if the opportunity was there.

How do I escape?

Herbs were said to be hung around the window to prevent her from reaching in.

Annis’ howling could be heard from miles away and the sound of her grinding teeth gave people enough warning to lock their doors and windows.

General information

Associated with cats.


Mysterious Britain. 

Leicester News.

Haunted Leicester.

Annis in the Midwest.


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