Black Aggie


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Black Aggie


Rumoured to be haunted by the spirit of an abused wife who lay beneath her feet. It was also said that she guarded the portal of hell which had been inadvertently opened by a group of witches who frequented the cemetary.

Hearing all of these rumours a local fraternity decided to include Aggie in their initiation rites. Pledges must spend the night with their backs to her. One night a poor pledge was taken there by two of his fraternity brothers. They said that it seemed as though all the dark shadows of the cemetery clustered eagerly about their victim. In shock the fraternity brothers watched as the statue’s eyes glowed red and her arms reached out for the unknowing pledge. They watched as she swept him up and then her eyes turned upon them. They fled. A night watchman noticing all the commotion found the body of a young man lying before the statue, having apparently perished of fright.

How do I recognise her?

From the photographs.

Where will I find her?

Originally erected in the Agnus family plot in the Druid Ridge cemetary, Maryland. Eventually, the disruption caused by the statue and the urban legends that had sprung up around her grew so bad that the family decided to donate it to the Smithsonian museum. It is said it remains in storage in one of the rooms of the museum.

How do I get her attention?

If you sit on the statue’s lap at night, she will come to life and crush you.

Say Black Aggie’s name three times at midnight in front of a mirror and she would appear to pull you down to hell. A Maryland version of Bloody Mary.

How do I escape?

Just avoid irritating her.

General information

Said that the statue’s eyes glow red at midnight and any living person within the statue’s gaze would be blinded.

A pregnant woman who passed through her shadow would lose her baby.

Spirits of the dead would rise from their grave at night to stand in vigil before her.


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