Black Eyed Kids


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The first well documented and discussed case happened to journalist Brian Bethel in 1998.

How do I recognise them?

These kids look completely normal except for their eyes, which are jet black.

Normally in pairs.

The children are often described as being lethargic, almost as though they are in a trance. They will become demanding and forceful in an attempt to get what they want.

Where will I find them?

Most accounts happen at an individual’s home, although there have been many cases where the children have approached cars. There will be a knock at the door and outside will be a child who will make some excuse to come in, normally asking to use the telephone.

How do I get their attention?

They will ask for random favours or help.

How do I escape?

They do not leave until the person closes the door, or leaves the area.

Do not look into their eyes, or touch them.

General information

Those who encounter them often describe feelings of danger and extreme anxiety.

They are possibly violent entities.

Only one person ever claims to have let them inside. He immediately became so frightened that he locked himself in another room until daybreak. When he emerged they had gone. The telephone had not been used and the front door was left open.

Some believe that they are aliens. Others have called them demonic. No one believes they have good intentions.

There have been reported sightings of black eyed adults. Do they grow up?


Return of a BEK.


Story from someone who let them in. 

Investigating reports. 

Reddit sub.


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