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Earliest mention is found in One Thousand and One Nights.

The Etymology comes from the Arabic ‘ghul’, meaning, to seize.

How do I recognise them?

Can adopt the form of an animal. They are sometimes said to take on the form of their last meal.

They have long arms, sinewy legs, gaunt faces, bulging eyes and sharp teeth. They can also be identified by a strange, lurching walk.

Where will I find them?

They are cannibalistic monsters who eat freshly buried corpses. As such, they are normally found wherever the dead are buried.

How do I get their attention?

They abduct children or unwary travellers. It lures them to desolate places to slay and devour them.

How do I escape?

If you see one, you’d better call Sam and Dean as they’re almost impossible to kill. You must burn, decapitate, pour concentrated acid or electrocute them, but there is no definitive answer on how they are stopped.

General information

Linked to a demon. One theory states that they are possessed by evil spirits. Another says that they are failed vampires. It is also said that one can become a ghoul based upon the life that they have lived.

They drink blood and steal coins.


All about Ghouls.

Demon Hunter’s Compendium. 


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