Herbs aren’t just for cooking (witchcraft)



  • For money spells.

  • Climb a tree before a meeting to ensure success.

  • Material for magic wands.

  • Associated with air.

  • Frangipane is yummy. 


  • Said to prevent accidents.

  • Also makes an ointment that can be used for bites/stings etc.


  • Red will protect your garden and home.

  • Fairies love them.


  • Sleep on anise seeds to banish nightmares.

  • Fresh leaves protect a magic circle.


  • Carry to prevent drowning.

  • A staff of ash above a door wards off negative influence.

  • Scatter leaves at four corners to protect a house.

Bag of Protection

  •  Cinnamon, five finger grass, ague wood and sage.


  • A 50/50 mix of Basil and Salt around a house will stop entrance of evil entities.


  • Used in money spells.

  • Vines are protective.

Black Cohosh

  • The leaves are used in love spells

  • Gives courage to the meek if carried. 


  • Draws love and averts negativity.

  • Leaves and flowers on doorways/windows for protection.


  • Add to bath for respect.

  • Garlands stop evil from entering a house.

  • Carry flowers to court for a favourable verdict.


  • Used in money spells.

  • When gambling wash hands in chamomile for luck.

  • Sprinkle on property to remove curses/spells.

  • Sachet under pillow promotes restful sleep.


  • Used with rose petals in love spells.

  • Growing near the home attracts good spirits/luck

  • Use leaves as bookmarks in magical books.


  • Five points of leaves represent money, love, health, power and wisdom.

  • Suspend above bed to promote deep sleep.

  • Carry when asking official favours.


  • Discourages visitors if placed under doormat.


  • Tea promotes psychic abilities.

  • Summons spirits.


  • A branch over entrances will banish evil.

  • Berries protect from negativity.

  • Elder sacred to Goddess.

  • Grow near home to bring money.

  • Good for making wands.

  • Burning brings bad luck.


  • Growing around the home provides protection.

  • Hang garlands at windows to banish evil spirits.

  • Used for purification


  • Anti evil spirits

  • Place single clove at each point of entry.


  • Burn at windows and doorways of a haunted room.

  • Allows good spirits to pass and creates a barrier against evil entities.


  • The burning of herbs, usually sage, in order to purify an area. 

There is more information on the medicinal properties of the above plants/herbs. I have focused on the other aspects due to the nature of this blog.

Credit to original sources. 


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