The Slender Man


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The Slender Man


Is said to have originated in a creepy pasta, but others say similar stories predate this. I will leave you to decide.

How do I recognise him?

He is described as a man wearing a black suit. Very thin and is able to stretch his limbs to inhumane lengths to frighten and capture.

Where will I find him?

Mostly sighted at night. He peers out of wooded areas, or wanders near rivers. Has been known to peep into windows, or appear to motorists on quiet roads.

How do I get his attention?

Be a child, or have a child.

How do I escape?

Once his arms are outstretched, his prey become hypnotized and cannot stop themselves from walking into them.

Children often have dreams about him before they disappear.

It is said before he comes for a child there may be electrical disturbances and you may notice a failure of technology. Nose bleeds and severe headaches are also common. In the days before he strikes you may sight him peeping at you over fences.

General information

He kidnaps children and is often sighted right before the disappearance of a child, or multiple children.

It has been noted that children can see him, but adults can’t.

Photos were taken of him the day that fourteen children vanished. Copies of the photo were stored at Stirling City Library. There was a fire a week later and the actual photo was confiscated as evidence. The photographer has been missing since 1986.

No one knows what happens to his victims.

I know I don’t normally do reviews, but the film The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel. Just don’t. It’s terrible. Instead, check out the wonderful Marble Hornets series on You Tube. I’ve linked to this later on in my blog. 


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