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From the Latin ‘incubo’ which means “weight” or “burden”.

A demon who takes on the form of a human male/female to seduce the appropriate gender. A female demon is called a Succubus and a male is an Incubus.

How do I recognise him/her?

Whether male or female, the demon will put everyone else in the house to sleep.

Read about the Incubus here.

A discussion on how to recognise a succubus.

Where will I find him/her?

They find you.

How do I get his/her attention?

They are always hunting.

How do I escape?

To banish, make four pouches of salt, white sage, mustard seed, dill and thistle. Place each pouch over a window/door at each of the four corners of the home. Burn sage and make an incense of frankincense, rag-weed and thistle.

Exorcism or benediction also works.

General information

Repeated intercourse with these demons can result in death.

A succubus collects semen from men. The male demons use this to impregnate female women, begetting a cambon – born deformed, or more susceptible to supernatural influence. Some folklore holds that once a succubus has absorbed enough sperm, it will become an Incubus and seek a fertile human woman.


Rational Wiki. 

Mythical creatures guide (Incubus).



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