Water Spirits


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Water Spirits


They are powerful and devious shape shifters, known as the Wakcexi.

How do I recognise them?

They can adopt the shape of any animal, the snake being one of the most popular.

Wakcexi can also take the form of scaly, four footed ox like creatures with horns and a long tail with an almost human face.

Evil water spirits are spotted, like snakes.

Water spirits can be identified by a blue birthmark somewhere on their body.

Their human forms are said to be astonishingly beautiful. 

Where will I find them?

They live behind waterfalls, or beneath the earth in caves made of white clay.

They create whirlpools. Those who fail to make proper offerings may be sucked under.

How do I get their attention?

Water spirits are especially preoccupied with punishing those who sin in connection with water, so remember that the next time you throw rubbish in a lake.

How do I escape?

There is no clear information on this, so avoid annoying them.

General information

They have an appendage called a ‘scent bag’, which can provide powerful medicine, but smells very unpleasant. The scent bag is red and is beneath their armpit.

The preferred offerings are red feathers or tobacco.


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