Unwanted Resident


This story has become quite famous now, but is worth telling.

Unwanted Resident.

A man, who lives alone, has noticed that food is going missing from his cupboards and refrigerator. So he installs cameras. When he plays them back, he sees a woman he doesn’t recognise wandering around his apartment. That was creepy enough. But at the end of the tape she gets back into a cupboard that is in the spare room, a room the gentleman rarely used.

When the police search his property they find a woman living in the top of one of his built-in cupboards. She was homeless and had moved in almost a year before, making use of his food, shower and toilet.

For me the creepiest part is that when he was replaying the video, the woman was probably a few meters away. Or perhaps she stood above him while he was asleep to ensure he wouldn’t disturb her on her nightly business. 

Imagine that right now while you read this there is someone huddled in one of your cupboards, waiting for you to go to sleep so they can climb out. I hope it’s only food they want. Probably why they tell you to change the locks every time you move into a new house.

Please note that on the 28 November 2013 I edited this post with more accurate information provided in the comment section. Thanks to glenart for correcting the woman’s location. Good luck with the film.

More details here 


3 thoughts on “Unwanted Resident

  1. Not entirely accurate. She took up residence in a spare room, not the occupants bedroom; NOT in the cupboard beside his bed. The story is captivating enough without exaggerating the situation. In making a film based on this story, I checked all the details personally with Julian Ryall, the journalist who uncovered the story for the Daily Telegraph. Film trailer can be viewed at

    • Thanks for the correction.

      I took my information from online news articles I found about the subject and other blog posts, some of which provided incorrect information about the location of the woman in question.

      It’s always good to hear from someone who can highlight any mistakes. Any exaggeration was obviously unintentional and I have corrected the information provided. Thanks for responding. Good luck with the film, the trailer is good.

      • Hi, sorry not replying earlier. Thanks for viewing the trailer. I tried to follow up Ms. Horikawa’s story but to no avail…just one more little story among millions around the globe.

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