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Japanese spirits said to be kept from a peaceful afterlife. Yokai are Japanese monsters. 

How do I recognise them?

Usually wear white, like the white burial kimono. In Shinto, white is the colour of ritual purity. Their hair is often long, black and dishevelled. Their hands dangle lifelessly from the wrists and are held outstretched from the body. They typically lack legs and feet and float in the air.

They are frequently depicted as being accompanied by a pair of floating flames.

Where will I find them?

All over Japan.

How do I get their attention?

They will normally pursue those who have wronged them in some way.

How do I escape?

Escape methods vary depending on the type of Yurei.

General information

If a person dies in a sudden, or violent manner, if proper rights haven’t been performed, or if they are influenced by a desire for revenge then the reikon (soul) transforms into a yurei.

ONRYO: Vengeful ghosts who come back from purgatory to rectify a grievous wrong. Majority are women. We sure know how to hold a grudge.

UBUME: A mother who died in childbirth and returns to care for her child.

GORYO: Vengeful ghost of aristocratic class. Only way to quell their wrath was with the help of a Yamabushi who could perform the appropriate rites.

FUNAYUREI: Ghosts of those who died at sea. Fish like humanoids.

ZASHIKI-WARASHI: The ghosts of children. Normally playful.

SAMURAI: Veterans of Genpei war, who fell in battle. 


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