Three Kings


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Ever fancy a trip to the Shadowside? It sounds like a messed up version of Sesame Street, but there is a game you can play that supposedly sends you to a new dimension.
  • Now, let’s talk about protection. You need to have a number of precautionary measures set up.
    • The idea behind the fan is that if you are pulled from your chair then it will extinguish the candle flame and end the game.
    • The second precaution is to ensure that someone is prepared to contact you at 4.34am either by phone, or in person. If you cannot be woken then they must throw the bucket of water over you – make sure they know not to physically touch you.
    • The final fail safe is your childhood toy/personal possession which acts as an anchor to this world. You must have these in place if you do decide to play this game. I will quote from the original source here to explain why ‘You gotta be like a boy scout if you do these things. If you half-ass it, half-ass it all the way so that it won’t work. Worst you can do is take it seriously enough for it to work and not seriously enough to be prepared for the consequences’.
  • My source credited FableForge so I’ll do the same. Linky.


  • A large, empty room without windows (the dark room).
  • A pack of candles, though you may only need 1.
  • A compass.
  • A bucket of water.
  • A mug.
  • A fan.
  • 2 large mirrors.
  • 3 chairs.
  • 2 alarm clocks.
  • A fully charged mobile phone.
  • A small toy or other personal item from your childhood.
  • Someone willing to call or come to your home at a specific time.


  • Place one chair in the middle of the room facing North (you may want to find a compass as this is important).
  • Place the other 2 chairs left and right of the throne, facing towards it, at about an arms length away. These two chairs are for the Queen and the Fool.
  • A mirror should be placed on the 2 chairs at around a 90 degree angle, facing each other. If you sit on the throne then you should be able to just glimpse your own reflection without having to move your head or eyes. Your own reflection should be in the corner of your eye.
  • The bucket and mug should be placed in front of you, just out of reach.
  • The fan should be placed behind the throne and turned on – it doesn’t need to be set to max.
  • You should now turn off all the lights and exit the room, leaving the door open.
  • Leave an alarm clock set for 4.34am outside the room.
  • Go to your bedroom.
  • The candles should be placed beside the bed, near to the lighter and your second alarm clock.
  • This alarm should be set for exactly 3.30am.
  • Turn off the lights and go to sleep while holding your personal object.
  • When the alarm goes off you should get up immediately, but don’t turn on the lights.
  • You now have exactly three minutes to light a candle, grab your phone and personal possession and go to the dark room. You must be seated on the throne by 3.33am.
  • Before you begin you should check if anything is amiss. Was the door closed when you reached the room? Is your mobile phone dead? Did the alarm go off later or earlier than it was supposed to? Is the fan turned off? Do you just have a really bad feeling? If any of this has happened then you should leave the house immediately. You should not return before 6am at the earliest.
  • If everything is shiny and you’re sitting on your throne then you can start. At no point should you look into either of the mirrors and you should not let the candle go out. The fan should still be behind you and turned on. You should protect the candle flame with your body.
  • Look straight ahead into the darkness and do not shift your gaze. You will not know which chair belongs to the Queen and which to the Fool. They will be in the same position, which leads me to wonder if this is just three people who are all playing the same game. This is why the game is called Three Kings.
  • There is no clear description of what happens now. You will not be alone in the dark room and you will be able to ask questions. Not all of the answers will be clear and some may make you more confused, but perhaps understanding will come in time. Remember, do not get up, do not look at the mirrors or the candle, but continue to stare straight ahead.
  • At 4.34am it is all over. Note that some variations of this state that it is concluded at 4.44am, but the original says 4.34am. Some versions also state that during the game you will need to determine which is the Queen and which is the Fool.

Set up

An image from Reddit of the set up.



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Safety first

Make sure you have someone willing to come check on you.

Risk level

High, mainly because no one knows exactly what happens.

Would I play?



5 thoughts on “Three Kings

  1. Fableforge said that this was his own invention and its kinda a lot like a psychological experiment… Shadowside is basically a confrontation of your issues that you have been pushing into your unconscious mind and yourself are not aware of. Atleast that’s what it seemed to say to me. The ‘Queen’ and the ‘Fool’ are the two sides of the issue. The reson you shouldn’t look at either of those mirrors is because looking at them is acknowledging tgem and that basically nods your assent to them.. and I qoute this from Fableforge’s post that ‘It’s not facing one mirror, its turning your back to the other one that is scary’ The fan serves one more purpose- to create white noise. Your brain cannot function properly in complete silence, it needs something to work on. Hence the fan. Also, this way your brain goes in a hypnotic sort of state- cause the same sound is repeated for a long time. All this to help you let down your unconscious barriers and face your… well whatever you need to face. This was my analysis of the game based on Fableforge’s explanation of its origin

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