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  • Known as ‘wet woman’.

How do I recognise her?

  • Described as a pale woman with long dark hair. However, only her head is normal. Beneath the water, she has the body of a snake.

Where will I find her?

  • Haunter of lonely beaches. She may initially be spotted at the water’s edge, washing her long hair.

How do I get her attention?

  • She will approach you.
  • She carries a small bundle, often assumed to be a baby of some kind. She uses this to attract the unwary. She will compel you to take it from her and it will be difficult to resist. Once in your arms, it will become incredibly heavy and you will not be able to drop it, impairing your ability to flee.
  • Sometimes she will initially be spotted in the water and appears in some distress. However, when a rescue is attempted, the wannabe hero becomes paralysed in the water. She will begin to inch closer until she is near enough to devour you, slowly.

How do I escape?

  • Stay away from lonely beaches.

General information

  • In some legends she is a cunning predator who feeds on human flesh. In other legends she simply longs for solitude and will react violently to anyone who disturbs her.

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