The Aswang


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The Aswang


  • A creature from Filipino folklore.
  • Similar to a vampire and werewolf.
  • In the 16th century, Spanish colonists noted that the Aswang was the most feared of all creatures from folklore.
  • Well known all through the Philippines, save for the Ilocos region.
  • Also called the ‘tik-tik’, ‘wak-wak‘ and ‘soo-soo

How do I recognise them?

  • Although there is no definitive description of the Aswang, they are most commonly depicted as female.
  • Shapeshifters who live among us and change form at night.
  • Appear as cats, birds or dogs.
  • Fast and silent. Unnaturally thin.
  • A Bubuu is said to sound like a laying hen and is heard at midnight.
  • Aswangs usually have bloodshot eyes.

Where will I find them?

  • It is said that due to knowledge of them in their native lands, they are beginning to travel and establish themselves in new places. Next time you see someone with bloodshot eyes who is a little thin, they may be more than an impoverished student.
  • Philippines.

How do I get their attention?

  • They have a fondness for eating unborn children, or toddlers.

How do I escape?

  • Said to make noises which increase in volume the further away they are. This is intended to confuse potential victims and cause you to run towards them.

General information

  • They are said to replace their stolen victims with copies made from wood. The copy returns to its home only to sicken and die soon after.
  • Have a taste for livers and hearts.


4 thoughts on “The Aswang

  1. How about write about aliens in the Philippines?
    Ah, I will tell you some famous urban legends in my country.
    1.) The San Juanico bridge was built with the blood of kidnapped and murdered children.
    2.) In relation to no.1, the then First Lady Marcos was punished by a diwata by cursing her a scaly skin (which she was able to appease by offering something.. a chicken?)
    3.) link!

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