Hantu Air


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Hantu Air


  • Also know as Mambang Air.
  • Spirits of the water.
  • Links with animism. For many years almost anything was linked to the spiritual realm, especially nature.

How do I recognise them?

  • It has been said that when there are a number of them in any area it can result in flooding or other catastrophe.
  • They will eat anything available.
  • Said to adopt disguises. They may be trees, animals or beautiful women.

Where will I find them?

  • Lurk unseen in all bodies of exterior water. Also said to hide in ditches.

How do I get their attention?

  • Anyone who becomes strangely ill in connection with water is said to be haunted by a Hantu Air.

How do I escape?

  • Unknown.

General information

  • They are associated with negative things. Those who come into contact with them are said to drown or experience misfortune.
  • Many cases of Leptospirosis were blamed on Hantu Air.
  • Fishermen once honoured the sea and other bodies of water in an attempt to appease the spirits that dwell there. The ceremony lasted seven days and nights and was performed once every three years.

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