Astral Projection


  • Also known as astral travel. It’s an out of body experience that is based upon the idea that the self and the body are separate.

  • Commonly linked to near death experiences. There are numerous stories about people on the brink of death floating above their bodies on the operating table. Some of them have claimed to later describe in detail what happened while they were unconscious. It has also been linked to sleep paralysis.

  • There are various techniques for achieving separation of the body and astral self and many claim to be able to do so at will.

  • Between 1960 and 1970 between 5 and 50% of people asked claimed to have had such an experience.

  • One person claimed to travel at will to the homes of his friends and neighbours and watch them while they slept. Because that’s not creepy at all. He said that astral projection is the first step on the road to dream walking, which is another topic I will cover later in the week.

  • Astral Projection is said to be mentioned in the Bible. There are also mentions in stories from China to Ancient Egypt. In Japan the manifestation of the astral self is called an Ikiro. It takes on a more sinister context here as it is believed that if you truly hate someone then your astral self can travel in order to curse them or otherwise do harm.

  • Some practitioners include Oliver Fox, Emanuel Swedenborg, Hereward Carrington and Robert Monroe. One of the most well known skeptics is Robert Todd Carroll.

  • There are also mentions of astral projection in the occult. Aleister Crowley speaks of how through controlled breathing and meditation one can transfer their consciousness to a secondary spiritual body.

  • There are numerous guides on how to Astral Project. The majority of them are similar to Crowley’s method and include meditation. Another method is to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. You imagine yourself walking on an endless staircase that only moves sideways. There is no up or down. At a certain moment you step off the staircase. Any Dean Koontz readers maybe be familiar with this concept as he used it in his novel Door to December.

  • There are dangers associated with Astral travel. Some have said that there are darker entities waiting in the wings for an empty body. It is recommended that you use an alarm clock if you should Astral Project. You should never leave your body for longer than two hours. After this period any spirit that may be attempting to possess your body will be too strong to remove. You will then be left to wander the Astral plane forever, or attempt to possess someone else.

  • Aside from the spooky dangers there are also physical ones. While you are gone your body is vulnerable. The house could burn down, or someone could attack you and you wouldn’t know. This is why many recommend having someone you trust to watch over your body while you’re gone.

  • Other accounts talk of unpleasant experiences on the Astral Plane. Of feeling themselves watched by something malevolent, or experiencing great fear and distress.

  • According to one theory, if you’ve ever had a dream where you’ve been flying over the world, looking down, it’s possible you’ve already Astral Projected without even realising it. 



9 thoughts on “Astral Projection

  1. Great post, but all astral travelers I’ve spoken to and also my spirit guide has said that there isn’t a way to get into your body unless invited. We project with out knowing it often when we sleep. 😀 it is always good to be cautious and use safe practices though. A white light of love will protect both your physical and astral body. xx

    • I agree with you. I tend to include various sources as best people have all the available information out there rather than just one side 🙂

      I always like people to be able to make up their own mind about what they believe and how they practice.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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