Demonology 101


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  • A malevolent creature or being. An unclean spirit or a fallen angel.
  • In Ancient Greece the word daimon had no negative connotations. Instead it meant simply, spirit or divine power. It is said the negative link first occurred in a translation of the Hebrew Bible.
  • Some say that demons were once human, but their wicked deeds led to their rebirth into evil. Others state that demons were never human at all. In Christian mythology many believe they were once angels.
  • Some say demons are really here simply to document human sin and report back, others say they are here to punish us. Yet more people say that demons do what they like.
  • Some say that Shadow People are demonic entities. This could have led to the idea of demons as watchers of humanity.
  • Most concur that there is a ruler of Hell, although this deviates depending on who you speak to.

How do I recognise them?

  • It is said you can tell if a demon is present by a horrible smell. Not necessarily sulphur, some report the scent of charred, or rotting flesh. There may be growling sounds and the entities are normally violent.
  • It is said that no demon can manifest in the human world without a flaw of some kind. This could be a horrible scar, a withered limb or something else that marrs their perfection.

Where will I find them?

  • Hell. Or anywhere really.

How do I get their attention?

  • Demons are said to be able to possess the living. There have been numerous books and films about this. Demons are also said to attach themselves to people. Cases of possession are most commonly linked to things like Multiple Personality Disorder.
  • Sometimes tied to cursed objects.
  • It’s said that they are drawn to negativity. They may encourage you to argue with people in your life, or make the environment unpleasant so this happens naturally.
  • Demonic activity is said to start off slowly, but increase in intensity to unbearable level. This is said to deviate from spiritual haunting which remains fairly constant throughout.
  • You should never say a demon’s name aloud. It is the same as summoning them.
  • Challenging demonic entities who may be hanging around your home is also a very bad idea.

How do I escape?

  • In normal hauntings many people find that moving house helps with the problem, in cases of demonic visitation, the demon moves with the family.
  • Demons can be banished, but conventional spiritual banishment does not always work. Although many favour Christian prayers to deter demons, reports vary as to whether this works.

General information

  • Oppression is also linked with demons. The idea of sleep paralysis, or generally feeling an invisible weight on body and/or mind.
  • Opinions deviate on whether demons can harm humanity, or just influence dark desires that are already present.
  • Freud believed that the idea of demons arose due to the living person’s connection with the dead.
  • In some cultures demons can be called and controlled.
  • Where hauntings are concerned, demonic entities are believed to be rare.

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