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  • Japanese urban legend.
  • Urban legend is said to have originated anywhere from the 50’s to the 80’s.
  • Said to be a girl killed in a WWII bombing while playing hide and seek. Or in another version she is a girl who was molested and murdered by an unnamed person.
  • She has featured in Manga and film.

How do I recognise her?

  • A young girl in a red skirt.

Where will I find her?

  • Third stall in a third floor girl’s bathroom.

How do I get her attention?

  • Hanako-san is often compared to Bloody Mary as she is only said to appear when her name is chanted. You should go to the third stall in a third floor girl’s bathroom and knock three times on the door, asking, ‘Are you there Hanako-San‘. If a voice answers then you should enter the stall, where you will find a young girl in a red skirt.
  • It is also said that you will not always find Hanako-San in the stall. Instead you may find a malevolent entity who has mimicked her voice. You will then be eaten.
  • Some legends state that once summoned she will follow you.

How do I escape?

  • The only way to banish her is to show good grades.

General information

  • Some versions state that if you open the door of her stall then she’ll pull you into the toilet.
  • Sometimes said to be merely mischievous, sometimes malevolent and dangerous.



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