The Midnight Man Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • There are many different variations of this game. Play the one you like best.
  • The ritual specifies a white candle, but people have played with other colours. Red and black candles are considered extremely dangerous in the context of this ritual.
  • Does anyone else hear this song when they read the title? Just me then? I’ll get my coat.
  • If playing in a group then each participant must have their own materials and must complete each step of the ritual.
  • Keep moving through the game. If you stay in one spot, he will find you.
  • Do not use an electrical or battery powered light during the game. Do not use a lighter instead of a candle.
  • Do not go to sleep or leave the house during the game.
  • Do not provoke the Midnight Man in any way. He dislikes people who mock him or claim he doesn’t exist.
  • It is said that once you have opened the gateway it can never be closed. The Midnight Man must obey the rules of the game and cannot return once the game is over, unless you call him again of course. Other entities from the same place are not bound in the same way. Be prepared for visitors.
  • Although this is believed to be an urban legend it is similar to a much older ritual that calls upon a different entity entirely. Its purpose was far darker than this game. In it you use a drop of someone else’s blood and write their name on the paper. If you won that particular game then the next night the entity would visit the named person and take them back to his world. If you lose the game, you go back instead. I am not prepared to post specific instructions to this game because I don’t want to provide a how to curse that annoying person guide. Also, there is so much conflicting information out there that I couldn’t be sure about what I was providing. For anyone interested, this ritual was detailed in an occult book in my University library. I mention this because blood magic of any sort is dangerous and while you may think you’re playing a game, there are a lot of darker rites out there that inspire a lot of these creepy pastas.


  • A white candle.
  • A wooden door.
  • A drop of blood.
  • A sterile pin/needle.
  • Paper.
  • A lighter/matches.
  • Sea salt.


  • Write your full name (including any embarrassing middle names) on a sheet of paper.
  • Prick your finger with the sterile pin/needle and add a single drop of blood to the paper. Once the blood has dried, you may begin.
  • Begin the ritual at exactly midnight or it won’t work.
  • Approach your chosen door. It should be closed. Place the piece of paper with your name on it in front of the door.
  • Light the candle and place it on top of the paper.
  • Knock on the door 22 times exactly. It must still be exactly midnight when the last knock sounds.
  • Open the door, blow out the candle and close it again. This has allowed the Midnight Man into your home. Lucky you.
  • Immediately relight the candle or things will get very bad.
  • The game has begun. You must lurk around your dark home with the candle in hand. The goal is to avoid him until 3.33am.
  • If your candle goes out it means the Midnight Man is only a few steps away. You have 10 seconds to relight it. If you fail then immediately create a circle of salt around you. I cannot promise this will save you. Remain within it until 3.33am. It is said he will create a hallucination of your greatest fear, but remain within the circle or you belong to him.
  • The Midnight Man will leave at 3.33am (he has places to be). Cleanse the house with sage and salt, as you would to rid yourself of any unpleasant entity.


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Safety First

  • Make sure the needle is sterile and you dress the wound appropriately.
  • A lot of people stumbling around in the dark with candles is dangerous. Make sure you have adequate fire precautions in place.

Risk Level


Would I play?

No. I will never play any game that requires hair or blood.


7 thoughts on “The Midnight Man Game

  1. 🙂 Nooooooo thank you. The 3:33 part is interesting. I have an EVP researcher friend, someone very level headed and honest, who has had several 3:33 experiences in a row in the last week or so. Just randomly. He blogged about it. The Voices Blog. Randall Keller.

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