Watcher at the window

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It’s late at night and I can’t sleep so I went downstairs to make a drink. Our kitchen window doesn’t have blinds/curtains as it looks out onto a brick wall (wonderful), but it reminded me of a story from my teenage years that I thought I’d share with you.

Back then one of my friends lived out in the countryside, it was about as rural as you get in the UK and I loved spending time there. I am not and have never been a city girl at heart. On this particular night her parents were out of town and so she’d had a party. Not one of those ones you read about in the news; about ten/fifteen people with drinks and music. She had no neighbours anywhere near, so the music was probably a little louder than it should have been, but we finished up fairly early at about one am.

My friend’s boyfriend was there and they’d disappeared upstairs a while before the rest left, it was fairly obvious they didn’t want company so I decided to sleep in the study/spare room. It was a pretty small room, there was a sofa, a bookcase and a desk. It was on the ground floor and had two windows, both looking out over the fields where my friend kept horses. It also had a set of patio doors. I wasn’t hugely creeped out by the fields or woods as we ‘d spent a lot of time there over the years, so I didn’t bother closing the curtains before crashing out.

I woke up later needing the bathroom, as often happens to me whether I’ve been drinking or not. Some information for you that you really didn’t need to know, but never mind. At this point I was lying on the sofa with one of the windows behind me and the door to the hallway was straight ahead. I got up and stumbled towards the hall before remembering that the wooden floor would be freezing and so turned back to grab my socks. At that point I saw someone standing with their face pressed right to the window staring at me. I froze, as most people probably would and before I had time to react, the person banged a fist against the window and then turned and ran off.

I woke my friend and her boyfriend up and being young and very stupid we all got dressed, grabbed a flash-light and went outside for a look around. We couldn’t see anyone still around the property, but there were a load of cigarette butts near the study window that indicated someone had been there a while.

We didn’t call the police as my friend was paranoid about her parents finding out she’d had a party. To this day I have no idea who the person was watching me, whether it was someone who’d heard the music and planned to crash the party or someone with more sinister intentions who was surprised to find me there. What creeped me out is that based on the cigarette butts, that person had stood there for an hour or more just watching me sleep.

What’s even worse is that as we’d gone outside to investigate I’d discovered that my friend hadn’t even locked up before going upstairs. The patio doors had been unlocked the whole time. I was lucky he was content only to watch.

Story credit: Anonymous.


3 thoughts on “Watcher at the window

  1. You don’t have to publish this comment, but I just wanted you to know that several of your posts, including this one, have appeared to be blank… Nothing but a giant white space. It could just be WordPress or how my phone reads it, but I read a lot of blogs on the phone. I suspect it is maybe a font color problem maybe. When I highlight a part of the page, even though nothing is there, I can then paste it into a “note” and see the words. 🙂 Anyway, it could just be me, but I wanted to let you know.

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