I’ve spent this afternoon tidying up the Categories section (on the right of the screen) to enable you to more easily access your area of interest. 

If you’re looking to research The Aswang or Yurei then you can check out Entities and Beings.

If you’d prefer an Urban Legend or two then there is a category for that.

The Information and Theory category contains theoretical articles on things like the history of mirrors. It is also for things that don’t fit neatly into the more common categories. Here you will find things like Astral Projection or Sleep Paralysis

If you’re more interested in creepy Festivals/Events from round the world like Hungry Ghost Month then that’s also covered. If you know of something along these lines that occurs in your local area, I’d love to hear from you

The video and pictures categories are fairly self explanatory. The websites category is made up  of links to other sites that I think are interesting. 

If you’re looking for a game like One Man Hide and Seek or Midnight Man then check out the Games category.

All of this is fairly obvious so I apologise for insulting your intelligence (I bet you’re charming and good looking too).

The two new categories are stories (true) and stories (fiction). That way you know whether the story you’re reading is supposedly true or unashamedly fiction. 

Hope this makes it easier for you. I also hope you haven’t died of boredom. For some reason my hyper links have gone a bit weird on this post, so anything bolded is clickable. 

Creepy clown needs love:

 (c) Original Artist. All images remain the property of their creator.


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