Another World Game

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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • If you abort the ritual, from that day on you must always make sure the woman/child is not in an elevator before entering; otherwise the ritual may complete itself without any further action on your part.
  • This ritual will not always work. It is believed that there are certain conditions which must be in place but no one knows for certain what they are. Some sites state that it is most likely to work on turning days like Midsummer or Halloween when the walls between worlds are thinnest. You can keep attempting this game until it works, but never play it again after that.
  • Note that the longer you spend in this world, the harder it is to return.
  • People differ over whether you should take an electronic device with you. Some state that they won’t work in the other world. Others claim that mobile phones will ring and if you answer there will be hissing static or agonised screams. Once you return, devices will either be broken or may randomly connect you to the other place and those that wait there. Either way, leave the expensive Apple products at home.
  • Some say that you do not see the other place as it really is, there is a waiting period while the new world boots up, so to speak. Others believe that the ritual has this waiting period built in for your safety.
  • If you change certain numbers during the ritual you may end up in another world altogether and I cannot guarantee the return process will work.
  • If you find yourself in a world with a black sky, leave immediately.
  • Some who claim to have seen this new world have said they felt malevolent presences nearby, watching and waiting. Almost all agree that it is an evil place.
  • I wouldn’t advise staying there for too long because of the reasons listed above. However, if you feel inclined to linger then it is important to know that time passes differently there than here. You may return to find that days have passed and loved ones have reported you missing.
  • Some report that there are items scattered around the floor, ranging in age, as though some people simply vanished from existence, leaving all their things behind. One or two people claim that there are bones.
  • One person claims to have stayed for four hours, which is the longest recorded period. However, he was attempting to return for at least two of those. He claims to have seen deformed things outside the building and heard breaking glass, as though something was in the building.


  • A building with at least ten floors and a working lift/elevator.


  • It must be dark outside, but otherwise this can be played at any time.
  • Begin at floor 1. You should be alone in the elevator as taking randoms to another world is sort of rude; they may have dinner plans.
  • Take the elevator to floor 4.
  • Without leaving the elevator, visit (in this order) floors 2, 6, 2 and 10. If anyone gets into the lift or you leave the elevator then you must begin again.
  • From floor 10, go down to floor 5. A woman, or sometimes a young child will enter the elevator. Do not speak or acknowledge them in any way. They are not human.
  • Press the button for floor 1. Instead of going down, the elevator will return to floor 10. This is your last chance to abort the ritual. If you wish to do so then before the elevator reaches floor 10 you should press a button for a different floor. The elevator should now stop and you must get out without looking back. Once the elevator has passed floor 9 it is too late to change your mind.
  • The elevator doors will open on their own. The woman/child will have disappeared. You will be alone in a new world, although noises may lead you to think otherwise. Some say that the longer you remain in this world, the louder these noises will become.
  • Descriptions of the other world differ in many ways, but most agree that the building from our world will be placed in the middle of a vast desert, overlooked by a red sky. Here reports differ; some claim that the world is empty, but others state that they saw things moving in the distance. One person states that he saw flickering figures in the sky and that they felt evil.
  • To return simply perform the ritual in reverse. I say simply. Those who have been successful say that it is much harder to get back, especially if you stay there for a long time. All agree that the longer they stayed, the more uneasy they felt.

Safety first

Don’t get eaten by sand monsters?

Risk level

Medium to high.

Would I play?

I actually started to play this game and at floor 10 a woman got into the elevator. It was probably a completely ordinary woman, but I was so freaked out I quit.

As always; try any of these games at your own risk. Don’t stand there in the new world with monsters closing in and think damn you internet woman, this is all your fault.Ā 


35 thoughts on “Another World Game

  1. ok so here’s my experience. I was at this building which had ten floors so I figured I should try the ritual. I know for a fact that if you carry a talisman or any other weapon it won’t work. So, I started at the first floor and as I advanced, with each level my intensity of fear was growing. Ok so before I reached the fifth floor I stopped and I later found out the elevator went out of order. Later, I went to visit my aunt who lives in a seven floored building and I had to go to the fifth floor and I took the elevator (I was with my mom and my cousin brother at that time) and like five minutes after we got out, I found out that some dude was stuck there because the elevator malfunctioned. So, this carried on everytime I used an elevator and now I ALWAYS take the stairs.

  2. I have a YouTube channel (IDOG624) and was thinking of trying a few of these rituals over my school’s winter break. Gonna do Midnight Game with one of my friends for instance. Now, I never belived in this Elevator Game stuff. Midnight game, yes! Elevator game, NO!!!!!! What happens when you enter the black sky world? If I take my windows phone with me, can I save the video to my OneDrive and still have it be there? How could this possibly be real though?!?!? I mean….. How could an elevator take you to another world? Has anyone ever thought to TAKE A CONSELED WEAPON WITH THEM AND SHOOT THE BITCH?!? that way she can’t take you when you look at her. šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„

  3. If you do it at night, as soon as you leave the building, the sky will be black. Indeed you will have entered into a frightening world with weird and awful things happening, if the world’s news is any indication. It’s a dangerous place with this black sky. It’s called….Earth!
    I’d like to warn anyone trying this. If you do this at night and step outside to find a world with a black (or very dark blue) sky, don’t try to escape through the elevators. The only way to get out is to wait for a few hours. Then when you step outside, the sky will be light blue or gray and you will be back in your own world (assuming it is Earth). If you are not from the Earth 1 dimension, you may be terrified of the black skies, but relax. The skies will turn blue after a few hours. Please don’t run into an elevator and press buttons wildly to return to another world without a black sky. Earth people who need to use the elevator may become upset if you do.

  4. Hey I’m hear to tell you this is not fake….. It’s completely real and I too have experimented with it. I did do the ritual and I did everything right and on the fifth floor when the woman enters….. Oh god do not talk to her!!! Do not I repeat DO NOT!!! When she walked in I felt her presence almost like radiating fear and death itself.. She is indeed not human .. As I went past the 9th floor I knew the ritual worked. When the door opened I stepped out and so did the woman…. I didn’t look at her but she had disappeared. The place fits the description a dark red sky with black clouds and a glowing cross floating and that’s not even the worst part!!! There was moaning and screaming of lost souls and the farther you walked the louder they get. I was so scared I ran all the way back to the elevator and frantically pressed the button. When the elevator door opened there was a door behind it. The door was locked. I frantically banged my body against it trying to escape. Then I heard it. A laugh. The darkest vilest laugh you could ever imagine. A deep demonic voice. And guess who it was? The woman. I slammed my body against the door as she started to walk closer.
    I think I broke the door but I remember falling and black out. I woke up in my bed
    And on my arm was a red dot I could not remove with ANYTHING.

    • I’m sorry to reply so late but I’d love to hear back from you. I’ve heard that fainting during the game and waking up in your bed is very bad. I hope you’ve been alright, and if you haven’t I hope you’ve been taking proper precautions to protect yourself. And I do hope I am just overreacting as I write this. Please get back to me as soon as possible, if you need help I may be able to provide you with resources.

      • There isn’t much we can do. If one faints, it is highly likely he or she will be taken back to the world. The person who posted this ritual here did not insert extra bits of information which are vital when attempting this ritual.

    • um…srry for le replying late and stuff but your not in our world anymore…your still in the other world. repeat the steps starting out on the second floor..dont panic if you complete the last step on trying to get back to our world…if it tries to ascend again to the other world, keep pressing one……and make sure its the elevator you got on the first time you did the ritual.

    • oh and when you get off the elevator look around to see if people are there if you see that then your good….but dont talk to anyone and just run out of the building….and go home and buy a cross for you to wear it will help you for the woman wont bring you back to her world.

  5. I honestly wonder who invented these rituals like did someone from the other world tell a person or did satan tell them or…
    but either way I read about a lot of rituals like these but I never actually have any intentiions of trying these any day because like whisperingdark said, it’s dangerous to mess around and try to cross to the world where we’re not supposed to be.
    Also, I read in another article that people have reported seeing fascinating sights when looking out of the window and it just made me curious like…. what do they see? Do theysee these creatures or I dunno it made me seriously very curious but again not enough to make me actually want to play the game.
    And Grant, thank you so much for writing your experience. it scared me but at the same time fascinated me because I’ve been summoned twice in the middle of the night to astro-project and indeed the feeling you get when your soul leaves your body is disturbing and not to mention the dead silence around you. Like what does it feel to have your life being sucked out of your body? anyways, I hope this can serve as a warning to all the thrillseekers and the dare devils that the “other world” as we call it, is not to be tampered with.

  6. Oh my God… I’m still shivering

    I wanted to try this ritual since I readed about it, but now I warn all of you, DON’T DO IT!!

    I actually tried this ritual, but I made a mistake with one of the numbers, at a certain point I pressed the wrong one, and it took me to a floor between 1 and 4 (I don’t remember), then as soon as the elevator door opened I felt scared as hell; it was just a black empty room with only 1 window just straight ahead of me, (no corridors or doors), I don’t remember how much light was coming out of the window, the only thing I remember is inmediately pressing the button to close the door, but nothing happened, none of the buttons worked, I was so frightened, but as soon as I tried to return desperately, the room started to “suck my life”, like if something in the room started absorbing my soul, I felt like if I was being crushed by that energy and I fell to my knees… and after that… I was unconcious.
    Lucky for me, it was just a “dream”, well… a nightmare, and not any common nightmare, I woke up with sleep paralyzis (I couldn’t even move), hearing the same voices I heard in that room, those “agonized screams” this post describes, I’m just so glad it was just a nightmare.
    I’m still scared as I write this… when my life was being sucked… it felt real, very real.

    It was like a warning, to avoid ever trying this “game”

    I’m serious with this, and even though I haven’t tried that game for real, now I know it is real, and that’s why WON’T TRY IT, and I recommend people who haven’t tried it to please AVOID it, you may not live to write your experience.

    (This is not a creepypasta or a myth, this really happened to me today, I didn’t made that up, it all happened as described, I tried to be as detailed as posible, for the first time in years I truly felt like I had to share my experience, and it’s good to write about it,so I don’t forget it)

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, which sounds awful. Sleep paralysis is bad enough under normal circumstances, but this sounds especially stressful.

      I always put a disclaimer stating that people play these games at their own risk and I very much feel that’s true. I am skeptical about many things, but I feel it is dangerous attempting to invoke anything or cross to places we shouldn’t be.

      I did once start to play this game, but it gave me very bad vibes. It was late at night and the whole building seemed deserted, but a woman got in just like the game said she would. She could have just been an ordinary person, but that was enough for me…

    • Hey Grant,
      Look, I have been wanting to try this ritual for ages and I’m not sure if I should do it or not. I am scared that if I do it and it works and I cant get back to the real world and then I’m in heaps of trouble. Like can you imagine being trapped in a different dimension? Well you can sort of but you know what I mean. Like I’m desperate to try it but scared as hell. Thanks anyways

      • Well, now that a few months have passed I feel less scared now, and I have to admit that I’m still curious about this game, but I still don’t dare to try it.

        But if you really want to, well… be prepared

        A friend of mine said he tried it some weeks ago, he went to a 20 floor building, but he was with his girlfriend, and didn’t even complete the game (it wouldn’t have worked anyway, you need to be alone, and there was still people in the building, going in and out the elevator)

        This is not only a freaking scary game, it’s hard to attempt, because you need people to leave the building, like do it at night when almost everyone is gone.

        If you have the guts to try it, go ahead if you want… but if you feel too scared at the moment of attempting it… feel free to back off, no shame in that.

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