General information

I have linked to a number of articles or mentioned several things in previous blog posts that people may not know how to do. I thought I would do a quick blog post about how to do certain things. If there is anything else you want to know how to do that is supernatural or witchcraft based then please let me know and I’ll edit this. I’ll add to this as I update the blog.

You may wish to check out my herb guide here for information about things used in the videos below.

 1. Smudging.

People are often told to smudge haunted areas with white sage as it is known for banishing spirits and protecting areas. I’ve added a video below that explains what to do.

 2. How to cast protective circles.

Casting a circle is a term common to those who practice or just know about witchcraft. A few of the games I’ve written about on here talk about making a protective circle. While you may not practice I thought it may be interesting to include a how to guide.

3. Candle colours

 Need to know why we use certain colour candles in games/rituals?

4. Scrying

 One of the games I will be posting over the next few days involves scrying with a black mirror. This is a quick intro to scrying. 

5. How to see ghosts

A video that supposedly tells you how to see them. Drinking dandelion tea is also supposed to make one more sensitive.

6. How to meditate

7. Why are things scary?


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