Saci Perere


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Saci Perere


A legend from Brazil.

The legend has a mix of indigenous European, African and Muslim culture.

How do I recognise him?

A black teenager with holes in the palms of his hands. He smokes a pipe made from a corn cob. He wears a red cap that is magical and allows him to appear and disappear at will.

He likes to juggle embers from fires and let them fall through the holes in his hands.

Where will I find him?


How do I attract his attention?

If someone steals his cap then he will be enslaved and be forced to grant the persons wishes. If he’s well treated then he will become a faithful friend. However, if you mistreat him then he will become a terrible enemy should he regain his cap.

He travels inside a dust devilHe lives in the forest and can be captured if rosary beads are thrown into the dust devil.

You can make friends with him by leaving cachaca (Brazilian rum) or tobacco for him.

How do I escape?

He loses his powers should he cross any body of water.

He can be kept inside a dark bottle if the cork is marked with a cross.

General information

He’s a prankster, but not malevolent. He will hide things, scare pets and dull knives and scissors.


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