The Book Maker Game

creepy library

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Inspired by The Holders series.

The Book Maker

It is said that somewhere in the world there is a book. It cannot be found by just anyone who seeks it, it will find its way only to those considered worthy. There is no specific description of the book but on the title page there is a four digit code written in pencil.

If you open a book and find this code then you have been chosen and may choose to continue with the ritual described below. If you do not wish to be chosen then you must remove the code by either erasing it or tearing out the page and immediately place both the book and the code (if torn out) on the nearest surface. You must then walk away and never speak of it to anyone else. If at any time you speak the code to another person then the Book Maker will become aware of you and the consequences will be severe, if not violent.

If you wish to proceed then you must take the book with you. You may do this however you wish, either by purchasing, or stealing it. Once you are alone you must turn to page 65 and read the date written there. Opinions are divided as to whether you should read the contents of the book. Some say that it will displease the Book Maker. Others say that to do so will give you an advantage in your future meeting. The decision is yours.

The date will detail a day in the future when the book maker has consented to meet with you. Once you have read the date you cannot change your mind, if you do not go to him then he will come to you. You do not want this.

Before the date arrives you should acquire a piece of chalk, the colour is not important. You may also require a torch; the path is different for everyone so it is best to be prepared. You may also wish to put your affairs in order for if the meeting does not go well then you will not be returning.

As soon as you wake on the day of your meeting you should flip through the book. Now the pages will be blank except for one which will state a time and a place. The time could be hours in the future, or five minutes from the time you read it. The place will already be known to you. You should endeavour to be there on time. Take the book with you. Never let it leave your possession.

When you reach the place you will notice people milling around, but their appearance may terrify you. They might appear in the form of ghostly wisps, or twisted abominations. Sometimes they are beautiful. Whatever form they take you should ignore them and ensure that you come into no contact with them at any time. They may follow you. They want the book. Do not let them have it.

You will feel the inclination to proceed in a specific way, you should allow your feet to guide you. You will find before you a wall, possibly brick, upon which there will be carved strange symbols that seem somehow familiar to you. On the wall you should draw a doorway, large enough to admit you. Upon the doorway you should write the four digit code. If you forget this part then the door may still open, but it is not clear who will be waiting to greet you. Do not let the creatures behind enter with you. While you hold the book they cannot harm you. They may promise you wonderful things. They lie.

It is not clear what happens once you enter the room. It is different for every person. Make decisions according to your heart, not what you think they want from you. Above all else you must be true to yourself.

If the meeting goes well then your life from that point on will be blessed. You will never hunger, never know want and your every desire will be granted. If the meeting goes badly then you will be forgotten by the world as though you never existed. This of course does not mean that the Book Maker has forgotten you, only that he has realised you are unworthy. Enjoy your eternity.

It is said by reading this you have made them aware of you and by doing so, even now you are being judged. No one knows what they consider worthy, whether it be good acts or bad that appeal to them. If you are found wanting then nothing will happen. Otherwise, within the next two years the book will find its way into your possession. It could be waiting for you at school, or wrapped prettily beneath the Christmas tree. But sooner or later, it will find you.

It is your choice what you do with it, but for the rest of your life they will be watching closely. Be watchful for creatures in the darkness for they want the book and every person who has touched it is tainted by it, even if they immediately walked away. You have the knowledge now, do with it as you wish.


14 thoughts on “The Book Maker Game

  1. so I only read a few words in the beginning, jumped down and read a few words at the end but also got a glance at “just by reading this…”. I assume its like one of those curse things, so am I ok or do I have to finish reading it or what do I do?

  2. So I didn’t read the full post, only like the first couple of words in the beginning then just scrolled to the last bottom bit, read a few words and glanced at the phrase “just by reading this…”. Am I ok? What do I do?

  3. Hkmmm wat if it comes to me and i close my eyes and erased it lol …will the book disappeare once u declear no parts….questions questions questions

  4. I wished you would’ve warn ppl like you do the cursed dreams and games…..i do not like stuff like this and i really felt dragged into something i wants no part in……i really hope this is a fake cause i don’t want anything to do with this book or anything dealing with it.

    • This is one of the older posts, before I started putting up disclaimers.

      But there is nothing to worry about. The instructions clearly state that you don’t need to proceed unless you want to do so. If you find the book, you just never tell anyone else the code. 🙂

      • However ( assuming I’m understanding this correctly ), it states that if you do come upon the book, you are now tainted, regardless of whether you leave it alone or not. Is there anything that can be done against, I don’t wish to be pursued.

      • However, it is also states in the instructions that if you find the book, you are tainted and likely to be pursued by spirits, regardless of whether you abandoned the ritual or not. Should I simply hope I’m not seen as worthy or is there anything I can do to keep from being pursued.

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