Morrow Road

In the late 1800’s in Michigan a mother (possibly with the initials L.C.) and child vanished from their home, the child first and the mother soon after. Many say that the boy was kidnapped and in attempting to retrieve him, the mother was also taken. Some speculate that the mother went in search of her missing child along Morrow road and met with a terrible fate – possibly from the same person/entity that took her son. Locals claim to have seen the mother wandering along the road late at night in search of her missing child.

These days the road is paved, but at the time it would have been little more than an unlit dirt path winding in between the trees. As with many legends, while the place remains fixed other details vary depending on who is telling the story. In another version the boy drowned while his mother was distracted and in her grief she hung herself from a nearby tree. Some claim the mother has bloody hands, perhaps a sign of guilt.

Others have claimed to hear a boy weeping late at night, although subsequent investigation found no trace of a child. Some claim that the whole area is cursed and that the child was not the first to vanish there, although it is impossible to substantiate this due to the time that has elapsed. In yet another version someone broke into the house they lived in and murdered them both – although this doesn’t explain why most versions have the boy vanishing first and the mother at a later point.

Some state the mother and son were camping in the woods. The mother fell asleep by the fire and when she woke her son was gone. This is perhaps why local teenagers believe you can see her face in the flames of a fire if it is lit in the same woods. Or did she freeze to death while searching for her son who had wandered off during a winter storm? Who knows.

A lesser known version includes a creature called the Morrow Road monster. This theory was most popular in the 1950’s, but has died out since. In this version there is a monster lurking in the woods that likes to eat children. It is said that it hibernates for much of the time, but awakes at certain points in order to feed. The mother and son were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.



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