Doors to the Mind Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • If a room is filled with clocks or old women then you must leave immediately. The original source doesn’t explain why these are bad things but as this is a psychological experiment I would guess that it is to prevent messing with your concept of time while under hypnosis.
  • Black doors are considered dangerous by some.
  • Not everyone or everything in this world will be nice to you.
  • Some of the messages people give may seem like nonsense, but keep a note of them to refer back to later.
  • Some people have reported meeting a man in a suit who inspires strong feelings of unease at best and malevolence at worst. Although there is no proven danger from this manifestation, the fact that it has occurred across people with no apparent connection implies that if any contact with this figure is established, it is best to immediately end the session. If your helper is not aware of it, you should attempt to avoid him where possible and leave any room in which you find him.
  • You may find that certain doors are locked or barred to you in some way. Check if you have a key, but don’t be too worried if this happens. A lot of people have a part of themselves that they are not ready to confront and will throw barriers in the way.
  • Please note that some people playing this game have reported difficulty in removing themselves or being removed from this dream like state. The original source reports being locked in a room in his mind and his sister having great difficulty in waking him.
  • After you have finished you should check what is on your person, whether it be keys, or anything else that seems symbolic in relation to what you found in your explorations.
  • The original source for this was Reddit.


  • A friend (aww).
  • A pillow.
  • A clock or mobile phone with an alarm function.
  • A recording device.
  • Candles (optional).
  • A lighter/matches (optional).


  • Dim the lights and light a few candles for atmosphere if you wish.
  • Set the alarm for one hour from now.
  • Start the recording device.
  • Lay your head (facing up) on the pillow, which should be placed in a friends lap.
  • Close your eyes. Your friend should gently rub both sides of your forehead in slow, circular motions.
  • Once he/she deems you relaxed enough they should say, ‘you are at one end of a very long corridor. There are numerous doors on both sides, spanning the entire length. I want you to explore these doors and the rooms behind them. Describe what you see, hear, touch and feel in great detail.’
  • Always pay attention to the door before opening it as it will hint to what lies within. If there are any visible imperfections, or the door handle is warm or icy cold to the touch then the room is best avoided. Always trust your instincts and if you feel threatened or uncertain don’t open the door.
  • When the alarm goes off, your friend should slowly guide you back to the real world, ensuring that the corridor slowly recedes and all doors opened are closed once more.
  • Turn off the recording device.
  • You may play this game as often as you like. The alarm clock is only necessary for the first few times. After this your friend can determine when you are ready to return. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time, it may take repeated attempts to get you into an appropriately relaxed state.

Safety first

This is very similar to many forms of hypnosis which can be dangerous when performed by inexperienced people.

Risk level


Would I play?

I have played this one.


41 thoughts on “Doors to the Mind Game

  1. I have not tried this game yet, but I am planning to do it now. I’m gonna cheat—I’m not gonna have a friend with me and I’m gonna listen to music. The song is Children (Dream Version) by Robert Miles. I always listen to it when I do stuff like this… I enjoy zoning out and meditating, exploring the inner contents of my mind, that stuff. I’m not worried about waking up… Unless I go into a coma, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble at all with the waking part. I’m very young and still live with my family, and we have a noisy household. I might tell you how it went later…

  2. Can I play it alone? Because I have no one I trust enough to take this seriously, and I am very in control of myself at nearly all times, so I feel as though for me personally It’d be relatively safe to go alone. Could I?

    • The problem with this is you may need someone there to observe how things are going during the game. I wouldn’t advise it, but I suppose if you were determined to play alone, you could set an alarm and ask someone to come and check on you at a certain point.

    • I’m about to play this on my own. To be honest, unless I go into a coma, I think I’ll have no trouble whatsoever waking up. I’m actually worried about how I’ll get into the actual dream-like state… It’s pretty noisy at my house, as I still live with my fam.

  3. I played this game once alone, without even knowing that i did. I actually wanted to try out meditation and then i found myself in a corridor as described above. The only difference was that there were not only doors, but also pictures on the walls and i couldnt open any of the doors, so i ended up walking around the corridor until i decided to end it. Why couldnt i open any of the doors?

  4. I’ve played this game twice and both times I have ecountered a man in all
    Black robes and a man in all white robes. They always appear to be in doors right next to each other. What could this mean?

  5. What would happen if you left any of the doors open? Also is it a good idea to go up or downstairs in this game or go in dark areas?

    • I haven’t played this yet, but I would not advise going into dark spaces. I don’t know about going up and down stairs—but I think it’d be okay. JUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK YOUR MINDS, CHILDREN!

  6. a close friend of mine told me she wanted to try this, I wasn’t with her. a few hours later she sent me all these weird texts and she referred to herself in third person. I at first thought she was joking but she wouldn’t text me normally. she claimed she was still trapped and that she needed to wake up all the way. it was like she was talking in riddles. she mentioned that she had touched the clock. I at at the time didn’t know what she was talking about but the next day she was fine. she didn’t remember sending any of the messages. is this really safe?

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  8. I’m not sure whether this blog is still monitored or not,but I figured I’d ask a question anyways in case it is. The question being is how “fast” is the hypnosis supposed to take effect? I mean,my guess is the person doesn’t immediately go into the state upon the partner saying those few words,right? So when does enough time go by where you say “Okay,let’s try another time since it didn’t work this time.”? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

    • It is still monitored, I am just not posting as often as before due to real life events. 🙂

      As far as I could tell, you allow an agreed point of time for it to take effect and if nothing happens, try again another time. You have to be in the right state of mind really.

  9. Me and my boyfriend were planning on trying this game which is not our first game or ritual we normally do alot of search on them first…do you have any idea what could happen if you could not wake your partner some say it sends you into a insane like state ?

    • This game is purely psychological and as such, shouldn’t be able to cause any real damage. Your partner shouldn’t be going into a deep enough state that they are beyond being woken. But if you are concerned, maybe try another game.

  10. I made the mistake of doing this alone. The first door I opened led me 2 a confrece room I found an ajoinung room there as soon as I entered I found a black figure that I’m not even gonna try to describe. Immediately after that I descended in to complete blackness and felt an pressure on my head it took a lot of power to come back from that…..any thoughts?

  11. I’ve been thinking about trying this one for myself. It seems like a fun and relatively safe way to explore my psyche. Generally I like to steer clear of these kind of games, because at best their fake and I wasted my time. At worst their real and I end up with a whole herd of spirits from other planes trying to kill me.

    But this one is purely psychological and their is much of a risk factor. Now I just need to find someone I actually feel is capable of performing the hypnosis without giving me permanent psychological scars. I love my friends, but they really aren’t the “hypnosis” type of people.

  12. iv wanted to do this for like ever but before I attempt this I want to know is there any danger of a 13 year old doing this?

  13. I wanted to know what the fail rate is for people trying for the first time. I am interested in trying this out, but I know that there might be a chance it won’t work. Did it work on your first try?

    • Perhaps others can answer this as I have only played once. I think with any of these games that are psychological in nature, it may take more than one attempt.

      This is one of the less risky games, so I wouldn’t worry about playing more than once.

      Good luck.

  14. How should your partner end the session, and I heard by the end of the session all the doors must be closed, what does that imply? Do you have to close it yourself before you leave the world? Or what? I just really want to make sure I do this correctly, because I know that my mind specifically is a mine-field that is dark and dangerous

    • As far as I understand, your friend should gently encourage you to close the doors which are open and then reverse the initial process, e.g. verbally guide you back down the corridor and out into the real world.

      • What about if you meet the old lady or creepy man in a suit…that seems very scary to have to go back to those rooms to close them. And Thank you so much for responding back on my last post, I really appriciate it ❤

      • I always try to respond where I can. I appreciate people reading the blog, so the least I can do is answer their questions or comments.

        I think the idea there is to close the door without entering the room. As far as I understand the old man/woman isn’t able to follow you back into the hallway.

    • All your friend has to do is say end now or say wake up or shake you and if all else fails your friend can just punch you in the face

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