The Devil’s Toybox (The Mirror Game)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • This ritual originated on TheKingofWolves and has been reproduced on various sites. This is one of the ones that I personally consider really dangerous and wouldn’t play, but as always it is up to you.
  • It can have a significant psychological impact and should not be attempted if you are in any way psychologically unstable or prone to anxiety or claustrophobia. You should also never play this if you have had any negative supernatural experiences or have felt any kind of malevolent presence. I can’t say I’d recommend it if you have played any of the other games on this site which involve invoking spirits to romp around your home.
  • As I’ve previously mentioned on this page, mirrors have been used for a long time in occult rituals because they’re believed to act as doorways under the right circumstances. There have been numerous mirror box rituals over the years and one of them simply involves constructing a similar box and sticking an audio device inside. There are some interesting videos out there concerning this idea and I’ll link them at the end.
  • Wear simple clothing and DO NOT TAKE ANY OTHER OBJECTS INTO THE BOX. You shouldn’t be wearing any form of jewellery or carrying weapons. Some sources claim it will render the box useless, others suggest that anything you take in with you can be used against you and can anger what’s inside.
  • If you ever meet a witness then you should never believe anything they say about their experience, especially if they claim that nothing happened or recommend that you should try it. Never ask them for the time or where the antumbra meets. The antumbra is the darkest place where there is no light for the curious among you.


  • Six square metal sheets, slightly taller than the witness (the length should never exceed the height of the witness with their arms raised). One must be larger than the rest by at least the thickness of the sheets themselves. The original source states that the material should be made from graphite or lead alloy for the best effect.
  • Five aligned mirrors to be sealed to the metal plates which when put together will form the sides and bottom of the box. One larger mirror should be attached to the largest metal plate, which will be used to make the top.
  • A light source of pure white or yellow, which should emit light in almost all directions. Don’t use a candle for this as you can end up poisoning yourself. The light source must not be placed on any of the mirrors or receive any outside energy. I would expect a battery operated light held or attached to the witness would work perfectly.
  • Two or three alarm clocks. Watches are not recommended as they can be difficult to see.
  • You will also need an assistant to help you in and out of the box and a pair of ladders.
  • The original source also recommends blankets, water and a first aid kit to be kept with the assistant.


  • Construct the box.
  • Set the alarm clocks to ring 10 minutes after the witness enters the box.
  • You can begin this at any time of day or night, but on the evening of a new moon is ideal.
  • The witness should use a ladder to enter, placing the top of the box in place with enough room for him/her to get inside. At this point the assistant should hand the unlit light source and one of the clocks to the witness.
  • The assistant should ensure that the witness is okay and not experiencing any anxiety or discomfort. If the assistant is not happy in any way then the experiment should be stopped immediately.
  • If the witness is happy then the top of the box should be slid into place, sealing him/her inside.
  • At this point the witness can turn on the light source.
  • If at any point the assistant hears the witness asking to leave then the experiment should be stopped. If there is any concern about sound reaching the assistant then the witness should tap on the box. But in any case, ONLY the top should be opened, never remove the sides. The witness can open the box themselves if needed as it should be easily reachable.
  • After 10 minutes have expired the experiment must be stopped by the assistant, no matter what the witness says. Some witnesses will plead to remain inside and claim that something terrible will happen should the box be opened. Ignore them. Even for those who do not believe in the occult, obviously remaining in the box for a long period of time can risk suffocation.
  • Once the top is opened the second ladder should be placed into the box so that the witness can climb out.
  • If the witness has any injuries they should now be treated.


Paranormal News

Pandorica Parapsychology

Above Top Secret

Spirit Captured in Box


Safety First

Never use a candle as a light source. It risks suffocation.

Risk Level

Very high for the witness.

Would you play?

I might be willing to play the assistant.


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