The Witch’s Window Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

If you would like to read something about superstitions associated with mirrors then you can do so here.

How to play


  • Credit to LemoLuke.
  • The purpose of this ritual is to contact the dead, therefore it comes with the usual warnings about the tolls this sort of thing can take on mental health, especially if recently bereaved. Supposedly this ritual is linked with a murder which took place a long time ago, but there seems to be no evidence of this.
  • Remember, although this ritual says you can summon a loved one, in theory you could be calling on anything nearby. It is much easier for darker and more powerful entities to part the space between our world and theirs. The most important thing to remember is that spirits, even those of loved ones, may lie or attempt to trick you in some way. Resist the impulse to look into the mirror. Looking into a mirror during this sort of ritual invites possession. It can also give a direct invitation for the spirit to cross over.
  • The mirror should not be placed in front of a window. The salt circle should not contain a window or any other reflective device.
  • If you hear anything that leads you to believe something is directly behind you and is either standing at the edge of the circle, or has already crossed it then you must end the ritual immediately.
  • These precautions should be taken during the ritual:
    • Ensure the line of salt remains undisturbed.
    • Avoid having open windows during this ritual as the breeze could disturb your circle without you knowing (as you’ll be facing the other way, so something could be creeping up on you).
    • Don’t attempt to cover the mirror in any way.
    • You should keep a small amount of salt in your right hand at all times. If both candles are extinguished then quickly throw this salt over your left shoulder, towards the mirror. You should now leave the room without looking at, or coming within reach of the mirror. You must wait outside for a minimum of 10 minutes before knocking on the door nine times. If there is any response other than complete silence then you should wait another 10 minutes and repeat the process.
  • Be warned that after this ritual some people have reported hearing knocks or scratching from the mirror or from other mirrors in the house. There will also always be a danger in dreams and water, both traditionally have been used as portals. Finally, be aware that one or two people have reported seeing dark figures wandering through the other mirrors in their house, peering out at them.
  • Because spirits can become attached to mirrors during rituals it is always advisable to avoid accepting them as gifts from others or keeping any old or antique mirrors left behind in houses by previous occupants.


  • A mirror.
  • 2 candles of any colour.
  • Salt or a salt/basil mix.
  • A chair.
  • A table.


  • Choose a room in which to play. It should be uncluttered as the game will be played in dim light.
  • Place a table in the corner of your chosen room.
  • Place the mirror on the table.
  • Place the two candles either side of the mirror.
  • Create a salt circle around the mirror and candles, ensuring it remains whole and undamaged throughout the game. If you wish to be doubly sure that your circle is safe you can use a 50/50 salt and basil mix. You can read about herbs here. You could also perform the proper ritual for casting a circle (tweaking where needed).
  • Place the chair with its back facing the mirror. It should be a reasonable distance from both the circle and the mirror (at least over an arm’s reach away).
  • The room should be as dark as possible – a blackout blind may work well.
  • Light both candles.
  • Kneel before the mirror (outside the salt circle) and in your mind imagine a corridor stretching on for eternity behind the glass. Once this is fixed in your mind’s eye knock on the surface of the mirror exactly nine times. If you are attempting to contact a specific person picture their face in your mind.
  • Sit in the chair, ensuring you are facing away from the mirror.
  • You should feel a change in the air, or hear a door opening somewhere. You may even find that an image pops into your head; you may or may not recognize this person.
  • You will feel a very strong compulsion to turn and look into the mirror, do not do this. Even if you feel a loved one is directly behind you, do not turn around. They may offer you something you desperately want in return for looking into the mirror. Resist.
  • By this point you should have waited at least 30 seconds, which gives the spirit time to reach the window.
  • You are free to ask questions. These may be responded to in a number of ways, from flickering of the candles or knocking at the glass of the mirror. However, if the spirit is able to interact directly with you it is important to note that it is unusually strong – this can be a good or bad thing depending on the spirit.
  • To end the ritual clearly state that you are about to close the window before throwing the salt over your shoulder.
  • You must be very quick with this next part, don’t take any longer than a minute or so. Walk to the table (without disturbing/crossing the salt circle) and lay the mirror on its back, the glass facing the ceiling. Pour salt onto the glass and picture the corridor slowly fading into nothingness. I repeat, do not stand within the salt circle.
  • When you feel this is successful you should extinguish both candles and switch on the lights. If at any point during this part you see something trying to come through the mirror you should again repeat that the window is being closed, ensuring you are out of reach. Salt the mirror again. Be sure to thank the spirit for coming.
  • Leave the salt circle in place until the next day.
  • Bury the mirror without smashing it, scattering salt over the top.

Risk level

  • Medium to high.

Would I play?

  • Maybe. But only because I am comfortable casting circles.

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