A Halloween Gift (game)


(c)  FlinaDA Halloween Gift. All images remain the property of their creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk. 

How to play


  • You can only play this on Halloween and the ritual must be finished by 12:00am.
  • You can play alone or with a friend. Groups of 3 are the maximum.
  • This involves summoning and bargaining with the Dark Father. You do so at your own risk. This seems a game with great risk for little reward, but as always, the choice is yours.
  • This game should never be played inside your home or in a place where someone lives. The Dark Father is a God, not a spirit and is therefore very dangerous (mainly because he is easily offended and has a skewed interpretation of fair).
  • The rules regarding the gift are quite vague. It must not be anything which could be used as a vessel, so no animals (please!), stuffed toys and definitely no dolls. It must belong to you or whoever is playing. It must have been used often by that person and it must be something which they value. You can use more than one gift at a time if more than one person is playing, but the limit is one gift per person.
  • Candles are used to light your work space. I do not advise using a torch or other battery operated device instead. Electrical items and batteries are known to go a bit screwy around Him.
  • The following information is provided for those who offend Him. Whether the gift was deemed unworthy or whether you have offended Him in some other way, you must ensure that he does not gain access to your home. There may be a knock at your door late at night, or a scraping at the window – he is watching and waiting for a chance. To keep him from gaining access it is recommended that you leave him small offerings of food or gifts outside your home, especially at the equinox. You must be on your guard until next Halloween when your bargain is concluded. If you have managed to appease Him throughout the year He will lose interest at this point. If you have made no attempt at appeasement then you will need to watch your back and guard your house for the rest of your life, at least every October 31. Unlike spirits, you cannot banish or trap him. I don’t know of any rituals or defences against an angry God except frantically trying to appease him somehow with food and small presents next Halloween.
    • If he does gain entry then be aware that he likes dark places; beneath the bed, or in the wardrobe and he will wait for you to sleep. If it gets to this point then I cannot offer much advice beyond salt circles. He will either claim whatever he thinks is fair, or he will punish you for your greed/rudeness.
  • If you forgot to turn off your mobile phone during the ritual then you may get a series of interesting, but very disturbing phone calls. This never ends well and you should not make any bargains. The Dark Father may only bargain once every year with the willing, but his agents have much more freedom.


  • A small box.
  • A gift that will fit inside the box.
  • Ribbon/wrapping paper.
  • A gift tag.
  • Salt.
  • A pen and paper.
  • Food of some kind.
  • Candles.
  • A lighter/matches.
  • Depending where you play, you may want a torch.
  • A mobile phone (checking reception beforehand).
  • Warm clothing (it is October).
  • Items to decorate the area (optional).


  • Find somewhere to play. You will have little time on Halloween to set up and complete the ritual. It must have a doorway or archway of some kind. This place should be abandoned.
  • Wrap your gift in advance and make it all pretty. The person making the exchange should write their name on the gift tag (first name only is fine) and attach to the gift.
  • As soon as it is full dark on Halloween you may go to your chosen place. Ensure you have enough time to reach your destination and complete the ritual before midnight.
  • Light your candles – they do not need to be placed in any particular way, they are purely for illumination. If you have a mobile phone with you, TURN IT OFF.
  • Some people like to decorate the space. Anything representing autumn or winter would be good; pumpkins, mistletoe etc.
  • Once you are happy with the space, anyone who is playing should place their gift in the middle of the doorway/archway – it should be around halfway between the inside and outside. The ritual has now begun. No one should step through the doorway from this point – to do so invites possession.
  • Close your eyes and visualize something you want, ideally something physical – a book, tickets to a show. It should be something fairly small – the more unusual the request, the more likely you are to pique His interest. Don’t be greedy. Don’t wish for something of much more value than what you offer in return – no wishing for a mountain bike if you’re offering an old ribbon. This is very important.
  • Say clearly, ‘a gift for a gift.’ You may hear noises at this point – a voice, sometimes whistling or footsteps approaching.
  • Quickly place down the food you have offered. Say immediately, ‘I honor you, Father of all and Father of nothing.’
  • Blow out the candles (only you can prevent forest fires) and IMMEDIATELY leave the area without passing through the doorway/archway.
  • He is always hungry (winter is linked with deprivation). So instead of immediately following you, He will pause to eat the food and inspect the gift.
  • If you forget to put down the food/speak the proper words, or hear the footsteps/whistling following you then you must immediately throw the salt behind you and hurry home. You have offended him somehow and now He is coming. Sit in a salt circle until 12:00am. I advise spending next Halloween inside a salt circle too – hope that he loses interest after that. The Dark Father is ancient and bears grudges. He misses being worshipped and gives tokens, but he was no jolly Santa Claus; He did and does still inspire a lot of fear.
  • If all goes to plan and the previous step does not apply then you can assume your offering has been accepted and you are safe. To be sure of this, before the conclusion of the third day following, you should return to the ritual location and ensure the gift has gone. If it remains then you have somehow offended him, but to a lesser degree. You should sit in a salt circle next Halloween and read the part of the notes section pertaining to your home, particularly the information on appeasement.
  • If the gift has gone then your gift should be delivered at some point after the third day. It is said that your year will be unusually blessed. Should you continue to provide him with food offerings every Halloween then you may gain his favour, this brings more impressive rewards. However, never complete the gift exchange ritual again.
  • If your gift has gone, but no gift is delivered after the third day then it is because what you have asked for is greater than what you have given. He will now attempt to take something else to make it a fair bargain. What he takes will be up to him, but it will likely be something you value. I must warn again, what he considers fair may be far more than you are willing to give, especially to a Hungry God.

Safety first

  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Take a mobile with you just in case.
  • Don’t trespass on private property for obvious reasons and make sure the location is both private and safe.

Risk level

Very high.

Would I play

Hell no.


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