Hitori Kakurenbo Game (One man Hide and Seek) version 2


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • I have previously blogged about Hitori Kakurenbo. I originally read about another version of this on Wish, Kill, Smile, Die and after doing a bit of research, thought I would include it here.
  • The house must be dark. If there is the slightest illumination then he will find you.
  • If you set an alarm to mark the end of game time, do not keep it with you or he will find you before you can speak the proper words to conclude the game.
  • This game must be played alone. Make sure you are alone in the house.
  • Only use a single drop of blood.
  • This game may only be played once. If you have played Hitori Kakurenbo before, do not play this.
  • It is said you can summon different spirits depending on the colour candle you use.
  • The game shouldn’t ever be played for longer than 2/3 hours, ideally play for a short period of time to reduce the chances of him finding you.
  • Do not turn on the lights again until you have bid the spirit goodbye.


  • Two bowls.
  • A sterile pin.
  • Chicken bones (just go with it).
  • A lighter/matches.
  • 1 black candle.
  • A clock to measure time. An alarm to mark the end of the game time.


  • Pick a place to play.
  • Cover any windows and reflective surfaces. Since you’ll be flailing around in the dark, you may wish to remove anything you’re likely to trip over.
  • The game begins at 23:55.
  • At 12:00 exactly enter the room with the objects. The objects must stay out of the room until this time.
  • Place the bones into the first bowl, putting it on the ground to your left.
  • Light the candle and say, ‘bones, you may see.’
  • Leave the room immediately with the candle, pin and second bowl.
  • Outside the room prick your finger and let ONE drop of blood fall into the bowl.
  • Re-enter the room with the bowl and candle and say, ‘blood, you may see.’
  • Leave the room immediately.
  • Enter the room a final time and say, ‘flesh, you may not see, but you may find. The game begins in five minutes and will last x minutes (replace x with desired play time). You are bound to this house until I say the game is done’
  • Blow out the candle. He is coming.
  • You have exactly five minutes to find a hiding spot. Do not hide in the room with the bowls, remember, you gave them permission to see.
  • You may him him moving around in search of you, but you may not. He is old and cunning and will attempt to trick you. Do not leave the hiding space for any reason until the game time has expired.
  • When you hear the alarm speak aloud, ‘your time is done. The game is won. Goodbye.’
  • Do not enter the game room until day has dawned.
  • Dispose of everything used to play the game by burying it separately deep in the earth. The candle should be broken into pieces. For safety, ensure there is running water between you and the pieces.

Safety First

  • If you do play this, make sure the pin/needle is sterile to avoid infection.
  • Make sure you aren’t going to trip over anything in the dark.

Risk level

High. This game is very dangerous and if he finds you it will result in death or possession.

Would I play?



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