The Hosting Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Can be played in small groups on Halloween.
  • Another version of this game can be found here.
  • Another version of this game says the door may be left open, but you may not look inside with your own eyes. Facing away from the door you can use a mirror to see inside the room – however the mirror must be destroyed after the game. The author states that this version of the game means you are at high risk of possession, so you may want to stick to the original version if crab walking down the stairs isn’t your idea of a good time.
  • If any or all of the candles are out when you open the door to the hosting room then do not enter until the following day and only do so in daylight.
  • You should only host for a short time, never exceed 2/3 hours.
  • Ensure there is nothing in the hosting room except the equipment you need for the game. It is very important that you make sure there are no dolls/toys in there.
  • Only ever play the game with 2/3 people maximum.
  • No one should enter the hosting space during the game. No one should sleep in the hosting room after the game is over.
  • The person who invites the spirits must be the person who concludes the game.


  • A small table.
  • Food and drink.
  • An alarm clock.
  • 3 candles of any colour.
  • A lighter/matches.
  • Invitations/photographs (optional).


  • Pick a hosting room. This room cannot have any windows. If you do not have a suitable space you can cover the windows, but do so thoroughly. Also cover up any reflective surfaces.
  • Set up the table in this hosting space. Place the food and drink on it.
  • Some versions of this game say that you should make invitations and write the names of those you wish to attend on them. Place them in the room at least three nights before you intend playing. Some people add photographs too. For more information about this different version see the notes section above.
  • On the night you wish to play, turn off all lights in the house and light three candles.
  • Place the lit candles onto the table in the hosting room.
  • Stand in the doorway of the hosting room without entering and say, ‘I welcome you to enter this room and this room only for a period of x (replace x with desired hosting time) and bring your friends.’
  • Close the door to the hosting room. You may hear noises from within but it is very important that you do not open the door or enter the room until the agreed hosting period is over. Set your alarm for two minutes past the agreed hosting time.
  • Once the alarm sounds you may open the door and say, ‘to any spirits who still linger, your time has passed. Goodbye.’
  • Turn on the lights around the house, ensuring it is well lit before you enter the hosting room.
  • The food should be buried. Never consume the food that remains.
  • It may help to smudge the house afterwards.

Safety first

Leaving a candle unattended is a big fire risk. Unless you’re Frodo, you want to avoid pits of fire.

Risk level

Low as long as no one enters the hosting room. If you play one of the alternate versions linked to in the notes section then the risk level will raise.

Would I play?

I’d play the low risk version.


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