La Cegua (game)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit for this goes to masayan8639 from Reddit. He/she speaks of their experiences as a child in Masaya, Nicaragua.
  • La Cegua is also known as Sihuanaba/Cihuanaba, la Segua and La Tzegua.
  • Her origin story states that she was a mestiza (half Spanish, half indigenous) woman. She had an affair with a Spanish man during the time of conquest and when things turned sour, her paramour accused her of witchcraft. Because sometimes you do expect the Spanish Inquisition she fled into the forest. Because hell hath no fury like a woman scored she spends her time luring men to her and then ripping them apart. It’s good she’s keeping busy. The OP also linked to this, which provides a further explanation and offers alternate versions of the legend.
  • Cegua wears a mask of leaves around her lower jaw; the legend states this is to cover up where her jaw was smashed by Spanish authorities. Her dress is made from guarumo leaves as her clothing rotted away over time so she fashioned something new with the materials at hand. The black strips of cloth used to construct this dress are the remnants of her old clothing.
  • She will try to make eye contact. Resist this and do not tell her your name. Names are power.
  • Never ask her for anything other than the three magic objects.
  • The legend states that Cegua must count any mustard seeds that are dropped near her. This gives you time to dispose of the water and end the ritual.
  • You can play this game alone or with a friend, but your friend should remain outside of the circle.
  • The three magic objects can be used to perform malevolent magic. They could be anything, some examples are: black corn kernels, turkey wattles, poisonous toads, old keys, special ribbons and fabrics, feathers, bones or shards of bones, cacao beans, and human teeth. The teeth are said to be la Cegua’s own, and the bones those of the men she has killed.
  • Cegua isn’t a benevolent spirit, so the items you receive cannot be used for protective or healing magic.
  • The OP states that you can use tree branches from your own area in place of the palm fronds, but that in doing so you cannot be sure whether you will summon Cegua or someone/something else.


  • Large bowl of water (the bowl must be easily breakable).
  • 4 palm fronds.
  • Black/dark brown hairs (must be human, but can belong to anyone).
  • A candle of any colour.
  • A handful of mustard seed.
  • An opaque container (a wooden box with a lid, or a cloth bag works well). Make sure this doesn’t have your name on it.
  • 3 large squares of black cloth (20 cm by 20 cm, about eight inches by eight inches).
  • A lighter/matches.
  • A sleeping bag, or comfortable bedding.
  • An offering that you are willing to part with. Normally a small attractive object (jewellery, gemstones).


  • Place the mustard seed into the opaque container.
  • Wait until full dark.
  • Choose a room to play in. Open all windows and doors.
  • Make a circle on the floor with the palm fronds. There should be at least one on each side of you, but they do not have to touch. The palm fronds represent Cegua’s forest.
  • Place the bowl of water in front of you, within the palm circle.
  • Light the candle.
  • Turn off the lights and sit in the circle. At this point you cannot leave the circle until the game is over.
  • Place the box full of mustard seed to your right.
  • Place the hair to your left.
  • Take 3 black squares of cloth and line them up in front of the bowl, ensuring they remain within the circle.
  • Once you are ready to begin you can blow out the candle.
  • Note that from this point on you must be silent until your guest arrives.
  • If all was done correctly you should begin to see a forest around you. Eventually you will see a woman walking towards you wearing a dress of guarumo tree leaves, constructed from black fabric. Her hair will be long and black, covering her face.
  • Cegua will begin to rise from the bowl of water. This is fine (I say fine…) but do not allow her to remove her mask. If she attempts to do so then you must immediately end the game by pouring the mustard seed into the water.
  • When her shoulders are out of the bowl you should say, ‘Quiero tres objetos magicos’ (I want three magic objects).
  • Drop the offering into the bowl.
  • If she begins to sink back into the bowl then everything is fine and dandy like sour candy. However, if she continues to rise then something has gone wrong and you must end the game immediately.
  • Once she has vanished back into the bowl you should pour the mustard seed into the water.
  • Immediately dispose of the water. Make sure you don’t leave any puddles as these can still act as portals. In addition, make sure there are no mustard seeds left at the disposal place.
  • You must smash the water bowl outside. Never take it back into your house.
  • Go back into the ritual room and close all windows and doors. Don’t move the black cloth or enter the circle.
  • You must sleep in the ritual room (as must anyone else who was with you during the game).
  • Do not get up for any reason until the sun has risen.
  • The three magic objects should be under the black cloth.

Safety first

Broken bowls leave broken pieces. I sound like a fortune cookie.

Risk level

Medium to high. Cegua is not a friendly spirit.

Would I play?

Probably not. I get all my evil magic objects from Ebay (kidding).


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