Synapse (game)


(c)  travistaatd. All images remain the property of their creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit to Xenthou.
  • Similar to Doors to the Mind.
  • Designed to help you get in touch with untapped energies.
  • The dark room should never be your bedroom.
  • After the game is over, do not use any electrical appliances, devices, or lights until 9am.
  • Make sure you don’t fall asleep during the ritual.
  • Don’t leave the house except to cast away the battery until 9am.
  • Abort if you drop the coin into the water or lose it.
  • If you wake up on the floor of the dark room then you must leave the house immediately and not return until noon.
  • Also abort if you hear anything strange or feel a presence.


  • A nearby body of water. If you don’t live near one, a bucket of water placed outside will work.
  • A dark room.
  • An object with personal meaning. You must be able to tie a piece of string around it. This will be known as your ‘destination.’
  • String. This is your ‘connection.’
  • A coin.
  • A battery. Type is unimportant, but the higher voltage of the battery, the more energy your synapse will have.
  • An alarm.
  • A trowel or spade.


  • Begin at noon.
  • Place your destination somewhere easily accessible.
  • Get your battery.
  • Dig a small hole beside your body of water.
  • Place the battery and coin into the hole and cover it.
  • Do not disturb this area until 9pm.
  • At 9pm return to the battery and coin. Dig them up.
  • By this time the earth will have decided whether to answer your questions. Flip the coin, letting it land on the ground. Heads, the answer is yes and you may continue. Tails, the answer is no and you should try again on another night.
  • If the answer was yes then you can return inside.
  • The house is the ‘body’, the dark room is the ‘mind.’
  • Tie the battery to your power object with string and place it in the middle of the dark room. This is your ‘synapse.’
  • Turn off all electric appliances in the dark room and shut off all lights throughout the house.
  • Set your alarm for midnight.
  • Go to your bedroom, close the door and sleep.
  • At midnight the mind has awakened.
  • Go to the dark room and inspect the contents. If the synapse has been moved then immediately abort. If any electrical appliances or the lights are on, abort. You abort by removing the battery from the ‘synapse.’ Take it outside and place into the body of water, saying, ‘you will not dream tonight.’ Go back inside and return to sleep, remaining in bed until 9am.
  • If all is as it should be, enter the dark room and lie down in the centre.
  • Look up at the ceiling. Place the battery in one hand, and the power object in the other. Close your eyes, but do not fall asleep.
  • After a few moments open your eyes and stare into the darkness above.
  • After a few minutes you should see an illusion of the daytime sky. If you see a night-time sky instead, abort as this reflects inner darkness.
  • If all is okay then you may ask the earth any questions you may have.
  • Once you are finished go outside and cast the battery into the body of water. Say, ‘the mind will return to sleep.’ Return to bed and go to sleep, remaining in bed until 9am.
  • Your questions will be answered in the form of dreams, which may be cryptic. You should awake feeling refreshed.

Safety first

  • Be very careful with batteries and water.

Risk level

  • Low

Would I play?

  • Yes.

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