The Rake


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The Rake


Believed to have originated here around 2005. Stories say that the Rake has existed since the 1800s with sightings and journal entries mentioning it in the years following.

How do I recognise it?

6ft tall, gray or white humanoid figure. Eyes are black and sunken deep into the skull. It has sharp teeth, large jaw capable of significant expansion and claws in place of fingers. Often described as canine in appearance.

Where will I find it?

Sightings of the Rake are mostly accidental and occur in isolated areas.

How do I get its attention?

Simply encounter it.

Allegedly, during the first encounter the Rake will only watch you, but a few nights later will appear in your home, often at the foot of the bed. It will appear frequently from this point on. Eventually it will either kill you, or drive you mad.

How do I escape?

No one knows.

General information

Hunts at night.


True Horror Stories

Turn Back Now

Myth Beasts

You Wanna Be Scared

The Rake Official



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