10 Day Dream Curse (game)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit to Saya in Underworld.
  • The OP states that if you read about this then you may have the same dream within three days. You should have a dream each night for ten days in a row. Each dream will have a rule that you must follow. I have warned you here before you read the process so you can make your own decision about continuing.


  • None. Just your bad self.


  • On the first night you will dream that you are asleep in your room. There is a girl looking at you through the window. Rule: You have to let her in if she requests it.
  • On the second night the girl will be in your room. She will be whispering, ‘please’, repeatedly, but will not interact with you in any other way. Rule: If she wants to get into bed with you, you must let her.
  • On the third night you will be lying in bed together and she will show you her face. Rule: You must not cry, or show shock at her face.
  • On the fourth night she will ask to go to the park. Rule: You must grant her request, but do not speak to her.
  • On the fifth night you will be at the park and there will be someone with a pushchair. The mother is a cat, the baby is a dog. Rule: If she tells you to, you must kill either the mother or the baby.
  • On the sixth night you will still be in the park, but you will see a ship about to take flight. Rule: Ensure you are on the ship before it leaves the ground.
  • On the seventh night you will find yourself aboard the airship along with others who have heard this story. Rule: Make sure you get a seat.
  • On the eight night black and white roses will begin to fall from the sky. Rule: Make sure you throw the black roses from the ship.
  • On the ninth night you will return home with the girl. Rule: Climb into bed with her.
  • On the tenth night something will happen, no one knows what. Rule: You must tell someone else this story while awake, otherwise you will return to the first night of the dream and this cycle will continue forever. You cannot tell this person what happens on the tenth night.

Safety first

  • Bit late.

Risk level

Medium to high.

Would I play?

Guess I don’t have a choice now. See you all on the ship. Bring cookies.

29 thoughts on “10 Day Dream Curse (game)

  1. Hello I have a lil’ question (that may turn into a big dilemma :)).
    What if I read the whole thing backwards? Will something bad happen?

  2. OMG, I read this darn game and had the dream of the girl and I’m very sure it will continue. I had told someone about this after the first night, this is the second night.

  3. I just read it and I can’t wait to see what happens if it is real or not and I found this game on one of the videos of Brittyy44 like her videos there amazing. Anyway can’t wait

  4. omg please tell me the truth i told my friends about this game over text n im planning to tell my bro later to hopefully cancel the game but what if the dreams start coming is there any way to stop it.. please answer

  5. I don’t understand the “tell someone while your awake”
    Bit. Honestly I am quite scared about what will happen at first it sounded cool but I’ve read people’s experiences and now I’m worried

  6. If I only read the rules of each dream but not anything else..will I still end up having the dreams๐Ÿ˜‚ I don’t wanna read anything cause idk if the dreams will end up nightmareish or if I won’t be able to (or forget to) follow a rule

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