In The Eye of the Giant Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit to FineArtsDealer of Reddit.
  • Similar to Doors to the Mind. A psychological experiment.
  • This ritual should not put you in any direct contact with the other side, which the OP refers to as ‘The Strange’, but it is a good preparation for other rituals that may do so.
  • You should be sober.
  • You should purify your body before you begin – shower, brush your teeth and so on.
  • OP states that you should be tired, but not exhausted.
  • This takes around 12 hours.


  • Somewhere quiet and relaxing to sleep.


  • Lie down as though you were going to sleep.
  • Imagine yourself slowly descending a spiralling staircase.
  • At the foot of this staircase is a room with four doors, each of which have varying colours. These doors may shift position or change from time to time. Each of these doors will lead to a different room, but each will contain a giant.
  • Each of these giants is a part of yourself. They cannot hurt you and you are always in control. Their form will be determined by you, but will usually fall under general archetypes.
  • The first is the Gentle Giant. This is the foundation of your humanity, every constant in your life. He may be paternal in nature, will always be kind and innocent. He could also be called naive.
  • The Swirling Giant is constantly changing and may be passionate, irritable and impulsive. He may be argumentative, but will often recognise patterns that may escape you and can offer insightful advice. His advice may be entirely subjective and dependent on his mood. You may get a different answer on a different day.
  • The Gaunt Giant is cold and logical. He lacks empathy and will frequently be ruthless and tell painful truths. Be aware that the logically correct answer may not always be the right one, the Gentle Giant can help you here.
  • The Shaded Giant reflects the best of you, but taken from your own perspective. He is not aware of existence outside himself, but because he knows your deepest secrets and desires it is true to say that no one else could know you better. He could however be considered selfish because he ignores the wants and needs of others and is focused on whatever course of action provides the best outcome for himself.
  • You should get to know each of these giants and recognise how they relate to you and therefore, what they can offer. You end this process by ascending the staircase.
  • The idea is that each night you interact with these parts of yourself. You may not remember much the next day, but this is normal. As you get more used to the process you should be able to remember more. Once you can recall these interactions with perfect clarity, you can move onto the next step.
  • I will update with the next step once the OP does.

Safety first

Be prepared for painful truths or the fact that you may find things about yourself that you don’t particularly like. Change through learning is part of the human condition and this experiment is designed to help you.

Risk level


Would I play?

Yes. I intend to.

11 thoughts on “In The Eye of the Giant Game

    • Well, in case anyone is wondering how my night went, here goes. When I laid down to sleep last night and remembered that I was meant to have this dream, I got dizzy again. I actually dreamed about thinking that I was meant to have that dream. I when I woke up in the night, it was my first thought as well, however, I can’t remember actually having the dream. Not sure if I had it and can’t remember, or if I just didn’t have it, but I would have thought with it on my mind so much that I would have remembered. Oh well. If anything eventful happens over the next 9 nights, I’ll report back.

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  2. I intend to play this on Saturday – AKA Halloweeeeen!!!! I’m a real scary cat, so I will only ever play games that are low in danger. I will update on Sunday if it worked.

    Stay tuned … ! 😀😅😰😱

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