The fortune game (creepy hide and seek)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit.
  • This game is extremely dangerous.
  • The genders must be evenly split, or all of one gender.
  • It may only be played somewhere where people do not live. Abandoned houses, forests or open spaces are all fine, but it must be familiar to you. You will need every advantage you can get.
  • Everyone must wear identical black clothing and everyone must wear a mask that covers their whole face and a cap which covers their head/hair. It is best that all of these items are brand new and have never been worn before playing this game. If you can immediately recognise someone upon removing things like height/weight from the equation then you should endeavour to disguise whatever characteristic made that person identifiable.
  • Once you reach the play area you must not speak at all, to anyone until the game is over.
  • Old or especially powerful spirits may linger after the sun rises and have been said to follow players home in an attempt to learn more about them. It is also said that those who die during the game become part of a collective conciousness and therefore, all spirits now know your name. Because of this, although it is said the rewards become greater each time, don’t be tempted to play the game again.
  • Winners have reported that they feel haunted following the game. Things go bump in the night, or they sense something following them around.


  • Identical Items which make a ringing sound when struck (bells, china, glasses). There should be one for each player. These are to be referred to as ‘ringers’. These should also be new.
  • Identical strikers, one per player.
  • Black clothing and masks.


  • All of the ringers should be placed on the ground in a line.
  • Everyone should kneel before their ringer and strike it with their chosen implement.
  • It will begin to get very cold. You may feel something brush against you. Ignore it. Don’t look up or look around. You have called the spirits for the game. This movement and noise will increase in volume during the ringing. You should continue until all is silent once more.
  • The game has started. Think of it as advanced hide and seek. Don’t be found.
  • There are a number of rules/gudelines.
    • Do not leave the game area until the sun rises.
    • The spirits want to know your name and will attempt to trick you into speaking your own name, or that of someone else present. They may also attempt to coax you to remove your mask. Never make yourself identifiable in any way. If a spirit learns the name of anyone present they may possess them, or destroy their body.
    • They may take the shape of someone you know. If anyone becomes identifiable during the game, the spirit can take their form from then on. So be very careful on revealing anything to anyone during the game.
    • Anyone who dies during this game is summoned each time a new one begins. They can only earn their freedom by adding a new member to their ranks, some may have been trapped for thousands of years, so will be very committed to winning.
    • If you feel you are in serious danger then a spirit can be forced to flee by turning the light from a torch upon them; they fear the sun and will temporarily run from the light. But they learn quickly and this technique may only work once, so save it for the moment of greatest peril.
  • The game ends when either the sun rises, or all players have been caught.
  • Any surviving players are declared winners. You may now remove your masks and speak if you wish. Winners are gifted with the greatest of fortune and good health.

Safety first

  • As always, be careful in abandoned places. It’s not only ghosts you have to worry about.
  • Running about in dark clothes while wearing masks can get you mistaken for burglars or extras from The Purge.

Risk level


Would I play?



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