гном гном прийти (gnome, gnome, come game)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit to DwayneSmith from Reddit.
  • Apparently this game originated in either Germany or Russia.
  • Title translates to ‘gnom gnom priyti’, which roughly means ‘gnome gnome come’.
  • You can only play this with an odd number of people (1, 3 etc.). Everyone in the room must play.


  • A piece of chocolate, type doesn’t matter.
  • A piece of paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape.
  • A large blanket (should completely cover all players).


  • Make a cone shape from the paper using the scissors and tape.
  • Enter the room where you will be playing.
  • Dim the lights and cover all windows. The room doesn’t have to be completely dark, just dim.
  • Place the chocolate on the floor and cover it with your paper cone.
  • Sit around the cone in a circle, or in front of it if you are playing alone.
  • Cover all players with the blanket and join hands if playing in a group.
  • Throw the blanket off and knock the cone away with some force. It should be knocked as far as possible.
  • Turn on the lights. If a gnome was near the chocolate will have teeth marks.

Safety first

  • As usual, be careful flailing about in a dark room with other people.

Risk level

Low. Apparently if you don’t follow the rules the gnome may bite your toes.

Would I play?



One thought on “гном гном прийти (gnome, gnome, come game)

  1. How long do I have to wait to throw the blanket off of me and kick the cone? Immediately after I cover myself with the blanket or…?

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