The Apex (game)


(c) Original Artist. All images remain the property of their original creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit.
  • You must play this with a group of friends.
  • It can only be played at some distance from civilization. If you are not far enough away then this will not work. Ideally this should be played in a forest.
  • At no point during the game are you allowed to leave your friends behind, kill them, or beg for mercy.
  • You cannot end the game early or stop it once it has begun.


  • Supplies that will allow you to remain in the game area for a day and night.
  • I would strongly recommend a map and compass and the knowledge to use them.


  • Memorise the steps in advance.
  • All who are playing should stand in a circle, hands or arms linked and say loudly, ‘we are allies, we wish to game with a worthy opponent. Will no challenger face us?’
  • If the conditions are right you should hear a loud crash nearby, or a branch hitting the ground. Run.
  • Do not get separated from your group. It will try to part you from the others. It likes to pick you off one by one.
  • For one whole day and night you must avoid ‘The Apex’. You and your group are ‘The Herd’. It is clever and crafty: it will stop at nothing to win.
  • Never look at its face. To do so will cause you to lose your memory and/or be paralysed where you stand. Do not attempt to leave the game area before the time is up – it will hunt the players until each of you are dead.
  • Once the game time has elapsed it is time to collect your prize. While leaving the forest you will be greeted by a woman who will ask, ‘are you worthy?’ Answer, ‘am I?’ and say nothing else. If you say yes then your friends will be shot where they stand. Answer no and you will be shot. If you answered correctly then she should hand you a box. Take it before she disappears.
  • Do not look in the box until you are out of the woods and have returned to civilization. Inside there will be something of great value, either to you personally, or humanity in general.
  • It is said no one has ever won.

Safety first

  • Obvious Blair Witch reference. Be careful in the woods, especially if the area is unfamiliar.

Risk level

High – aside from the risk of being hunted, people die in forests all the time through exposure, or simply falling off or over things.

Would I play?



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