The Ashen Man (game)

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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit.
  • Have you ever truly wanted to punish someone? Someone who has made your life a living hell and sucked away all of your joy. This is what this ritual is supposed to accomplish. I strongly encourage you to think about the implications of this game before playing it, for at least a week if not longer. I don’t know if it would even work, but it has the potential to lead you down a dark path of brooding and negativity.
  • The Ashen Man is at once a light and a dark spirit. His intentions are good, but his methods are abhorrent. He is dangerous and there is always a price for summoning one such as him.
  • The steps must be memorised. If you make any mistakes the ritual will not work.
  • This ritual should be performed at night and somewhere where you can expect complete and continuous privacy.
  • Do not tell anyone about this ritual. It must be performed alone and in secret.
  • You must wear the robe at all times during the ritual.


  • A silver cross (not necessarily a traditional Christian/Catholic cross, as long as it is in fact a cross, and made of real silver)
  • A handmade hooded robe (as complex or simple as you want).
  • Flammable material (e.g. wood)
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • A fire extinguisher or fire blanket.


  • Make a small pile out of the flammable material and hide the silver cross inside. Set fire to the pile and let it burn until it goes out. Ensure that you pay attention to the fire and keep the extinguisher/blanket to hand at all times. Do not extinguish the fire yourself unless there is a danger of it spreading. If this happens, abort the ritual.
  • The fire should emit an unusual amount of smoke, sometimes strangely coloured. This is a sign that The Ashen Man is watching/nearby.
  • When the fire is out and cold, you should pick up a handful of ash.
  • Stand straight and chant the words below 4 – 6 times. These must be spoken from memory.
  • ‘Man of Ash, Prayer and will. Against myself, my kin wants ill. Aid me please, our Ashen Man. While you are here. While you still can.’
  • Blow the ash in front of you. If all has been done correctly you should see a silhouette of a man, wearing a grey hooded robe with a brown length of rope around his waist, a silver cross around his neck. There will be a dagger in his robe belt. He should be remarkably attractive.
  • He will ask what you want. Reply in these exact words only, ‘I want you to purify those who have and who will sin upon me, brother.’
  • If he accepts then he will demand you to speak after him. He will usually quote a line from the Bible which praises God. You should repeat what he says exactly. If he is satisfied, he will say, ‘I will watch upon you, brother, I swear it.’
  • He is not a murderer, but a redeemer of sorts. Your foe will not die, but instead will suffer from crippling hallucinations which will permanently change him/her. This torture will seem to last for eternity, while only lasting for a few moments. He/she will be educated and given a chance to repent.
  • Once a connection is established between you and The Ashen Man, it is there forever. But this will not protect you should someone call him upon you. In addition, he is a redeemer and will look deeply into your heart and soul. Pray that you too have not done anything that requires repentance.

Safety first

  • Usual spiel about how only you can prevent forest fires.

Risk level

High. The section where it talks about redemption is important. The Ashen Man is considered a pure soul who genuinely wants to help others achieve grace. Just because you consider yourself a good person, does not mean he will.

Would I play?



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