To meet a monster (game)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit: Apologies, can’t remember where I found this originally. Please let me know if it is yours.
  • Do you think you’re being followed by a monster? Having bad dreams? This gives you a chance to confront the monster.
  • This can only be played on a new moon night in December.
  • Your bed sheets must be completely white. Never use black or red sheets.


  • Plain white clothing and sheets/blankets.


  • At 1:28am go to bed, wearing plain white clothing.
  • Lie down and act like you’re sleeping. Keep your eyes closed until you hear whispers coming from the doorway.
  • Say, ‘come to me, I want to talk.’ The door should open and you will suddenly fall asleep. If not, you should just go to sleep normally.
  • You should find yourself in a small room, two windows on opposite walls. Outside you will see darkness. Sometimes it may be raining blood, on other occasions there may be other nightmarish visions, but don’t spend too long looking outside. Inside the room there should be a table and two chairs, the walls and floors may be liberally coated in blood.
  • Sit down in the chair closest to you and say, ‘I’m here.’
  • The door should open and something will come. It may be a creature, or a representation of something you greatly fear. However, do not panic.
  • The thing will begin to speak and you must listen without reacting. It may tell you of your future, or refer to traumatic things from the past. You must remain calm or it will attack you. Once it has finished talking it will rest its head onto its right fist.
  • Say, ‘I understand. Am I worthy to know?’
  • It will ask to see your hand. Show it. It should put something in your hand.
  • You should awake at exactly 7am.
  • The item in your hand can be one of four things. If it is a coin then you will have pleasant dreams from then on. If it is a child’s toy then you will dream of your childhood. If it is a key, you will learn secrets through your dreams. If there is nothing at all then you are in great danger and should sleep as little as possible for the next six days. During those six days keep the object with you at all times. To lose it will greatly displease the monster.

Safety first

Not really relevant.

Risk level


Would I play?

Perhaps, if I needed to.


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