The Clock Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Credit: Obtained at this site.
  • The idea of this ritual is to undergo psychological purification so you are worthy of speaking to some sort of supreme being.
  • Time within this game is a funny thing; it may seem like a day has passed, where in reality it has only been a few minutes. You may wish to inform someone of your intention to play this and make sure they are willing to come round and check on you after a specified period of time has elapsed. However the OP recommends allowing 24 hours in the real world, just to be sure.
  • This game can only be played in a room without windows.
  • You can start at any time, day or night. But make sure the weather is calm, don’t play if it is stormy.
  • The first three hours will be fairly uneventful, but this is the only time when you can abort the ritual.


  • A clock which makes the traditional tick tock sound.
  • A dim light, lamp etc. Not a candle.


  • Enter the play area.
  • Place the clock in front of you and turn on your light source.
  • The first three hours will be fairly boring, but things will start in the fourth. After this you cannot leave safely.
  • In the fifth hour you will begin to feel extremely anxious and as though you are being watched.
  • The noises begin in the sixth hour. There will be thumps and thuds from around you in approximate ten minute intervals. Each thump will grow in volume.
  • You should pass out and dream after seven hours. You will dream of the best moments in your life so far.
  • You should wake at the start of the eight hour, feeling joyful.
  • In the ninth hour you will feel extremely energetic, as though you’ve drunk a strong cup of coffee. You must control yourself and resist leaving the room at all costs.
  • In the tenth hour you will feel calmer. You will begin to hear screaming, which will continue at six minute intervals throughout the hour.
  • At the eleventh hour your light will go out and you will be left in the darkness. Use this as a time for meditation.
  • In the twelfth hour the light will return and all will be silent. Use this time to prepare for the next hour.
  • In the thirteenth hour you will sleep again, but this time you will experience every painful, awful moment from your life so far and life to come, ending with your death.
  • You should wake in the fourteenth hour, but this will be a time of great sorrow after all you have seen.
  • In the fifteenth hour a visitor will come. You may consider him a ‘watcher’. He will allow you to ask him any question, but his answers will be extremely graphic and detailed. He will leave at the end of the hour.
  • In the sixteenth hour you will be visited by your parents and you must answer their questions. They will also leave once the hour has passed.
  • During the seventeenth hour the man you love best will appear, but they will be accusatory and pick apart your relationship to a painful degree.
  • During the eighteenth hour the previous step will be repeated, but with the most important female figure.
  • During the nineteenth hour you will be visited by your future self. This is the least pleasant part of the whole experience.
  • In the twentieth hour you will be so traumatised by the events of the previous few hours that self harm is a serious possibility. Resist the compulsion as best you can. Some have even killed themselves during this time.
  • The twenty first hour will bring music, chanting, soft orchestra. At the end of this hour you will be healed.
  • The twenty second hour brings colour.
  • In the twenty third hour you will find peace and begin to sing. Go with it.
  • Then comes the final hour. It is rumoured that during this hour you will be visited by some supreme being who will answer or ask questions at ten minute intervals. You must answer and you must be honest. After this hour you will be allowed to leave, if you are able to.
  • It is said that those who have undertaken this ritual either lose their sanity, or gain a sense of peace beyond conventional mortal understanding.

Safety first

The original post states the light source should be a candle. However, locking yourself in a windowless room for 24 hours with a burning candle sounds incredibly dangerous.

Risk level

I’d say the risk of losing your sanity would be pretty high if this worked.

Would I play?

No thanks.


4 thoughts on “The Clock Game

  1. I’ll be honest I got bored after two hours and left. I am 16 and as you can imagine it is quite hard to 24 hours of solitude in my house. Not sure if real or not, then again I was distracted by the sound of my t.v downstairs.

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