The Shaman Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit to HospitalCowboy.
  • OP states “this game was originally played by shaman and warriors of many tribes as a way to find truth, to judge criminals, or learn the future, or to find something, but you can play it to find lotto numbers or the name of your future soulmate or the day you will die or just about anything. These individuals would learn the truth by journeying to the spirit world and gaining knowledge from its denizens just like you are about to do.”
  • Wear loose fitting clothing or nothing at all. Avoid wearing iron, silver or religious jewellery.
  • “Expect to be surrounded by spirits of all different kinds and temperaments, especially if you followed the optional suggestions. Each spirit will have a different way of manifesting itself so I won’t ruin all the fun but keep your senses peeled for darting shadows just out of direct sight, for spots with a different temperature, areas with unusual smells like blooming wild flowers or rotting meat, for random grazing touches along your body, and for unusual sounds like interruption of the water trickling or banging on the walls. It would also be a good idea to stay away from all other mirrors as you may see something you’d rather not. Avoid rooms where doors have closed, but if you feel inclined put an ear to the door and hear what is going on as it will surprise you.”
  • “This game will summon spirits, not all of which may be friendly or so willing to give you the information you seek, so be prepared for resistance and be sure you can use your weapon if need be. The salt packets you have should be enough to either dispel one spirit each or enough to make a rudimentary salt line if you are away from the safety zone and need to, if possible, get to the safety zone instead. Also after the game is done, make sure to cleanse the play area according to your faith otherwise some spirits may just linger”.
  • “The player should also be wary of what their mirror shows them, as during the game the spirit of the mirror you are using may show you your true self and other things you would prefer not to see or know. If that happens, hurry back to the safety zone and the illusions should cease.
  • If you are a practitioner of magic in any form, a psychic, or a person of extreme faith you may experience headaches or nosebleeds, or worse you may find that your play area is much larger than you originally believed and that you have gotten lost. If you find yourself in the extremely rare situation of a seemingly endless hallway or stairway, or in a room with extra doors it is entirely possible you have entered into the spirit realm and will need to find your way out. I’m afraid that I cannot advise you as the route you took determines the exits available, but I would strongly suggest that you continue only using the mirror to see, searching the rooms to see what goodies you could potentially find. You should return to our realm when you lose the game, as you have no chance of winning or tying now, or at dawn, but be prepared to defend yourself until then”.


  • 6 Tealights or other small candle
  • Taper Candles and Stands per room of your play area (minimum of 7 rooms, please)
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Sea Salt
  • 3 Small Plastic Baggies (you will fill these with a table spoon of salt each)
  • Mirror (that fits in the palm of your hand comfortably)
  • Weapon (whether that means an edged tool, an instrument, or a holy item is up to you, but choose carefully)
  • Flashcards (at least 7 per room or for fun use a Tarot Deck)
  • Writing Tool
  • Trusted blood relative or a stranger met 24 hours before the game (to aid you in the game)
  • Something Precious to Wager (The truth you gain is only as powerful as what you are willing to wager but if you lose the game you lose this too so think about it carefully; if you wager your entire existence a slip with your full written name and a few drops of blood will suffice)
  • Door (Ideally on every room but only a main door is needed)
  • Running Water (Optional but it attracts spirits)
  • Fans (Optional but it attracts spirits)
  • Thermostat turned down to maximum cold (optional but it attracts spirits)
  • Libations and goblets/glasses (Optional but it attracts spirits)


  • You must abstain from food, water, sex, drugs and sleep for at least twenty four hours prior to starting.
  • An hour after sunset gather your materials. Your companion must set up alone and out of your view. You should leave the house and wait outside the front door.
  • Your companion must create a safe zone in the middle of the play area. They do this by following these steps:
    • Place the six tea lights in a circle surrounded by salt, with the wager in the middle.
    • Light the tea lights.
    • Write random letters and numbers on the chosen cards and hide a minimum of seven in each room.
    • Hide an unlit taper candle and stand in each room.
    • Draw the curtains/close blinds in every room, turn off all lights and electronics. Leave the door to each room open.
    • If you are using running water then organise this now.
    • Turn on the fans and ensure the rooms are cold.
    • Pour your chosen libation into a glass/goblet and set one in each room.
    • You should now leave the house through the front door and give the player the lighter/matches, three bags of salt, the mirror and the weapon. You must now remain outside.
  • The player should now face the door.
  • Knock seven times exactly, saying, “I am a Shaman. I have come to travel through the spirit world and learn the truth. Guests from above and below and outside and in I welcome you here, please help me know (your desire) through my glass eye against my wager of (your wager) but I am armed with (your weapon) and I will know the truth.”
  • The player enters. They cannot look directly at anything within, instead they should use the mirror in his/her dominant hand and use its reflection to navigate.
  • Go immediately to the safe zone and ensure the tea lights are still lit. If three or more have gone out then abort.
  • The player must search each room for the taper candle and stand, avoiding or defending against any spirits which may be present. Once the candle is located and lit, the player is permitted to search for up to three flashcards, but each must be transported one at a time to the safe zone before the candle in the room is extinguished. If the candle in the room is extinguished before the player finds a card or finishes transporting it, or if the door to the room is closed, (they were all opened by the Companion in the set up), the room is off limits to the player now.
  • The game continues in this way until the player wins, loses, or ties with the spirits.
  • To win:
    • The player must successfully transport three cards from each room and figure out what they mean while every candle he or she lights, as well as all the candles of the safety zone, stay lit and this must be accomplished before dawn. The player will be rewarded with a small token usually of a semi-precious stone or precious metal coin or pendant within three days of the game.
  • To lose (any of the following):
    • Three or more candles in the safety zone must go out during play.
    • The player releases or breaks the mirror during the game.
    • If the player abruptly ends the game without winning or tying with the spirits by doing something like turning on the lights, calling out to his or her Companion, removing the wager from the safety zone, leaving the area of play, etc.
  • To tie:
    • You tie with the spirits if you are forced to spend the majority of the game inside the safety zone for your own protection or from fear. Or if you otherwise neither win nor lose.
  •  If triumphant or tied:
    • The player exits the play area with his or her wager in hand and the Companion goes in extinguishing the candles, turning off the taps and fans, and opening the windows for dawn’s first rays. You will be rewarded within three days.
  • If the player loses:
    • He or she should leave the wager in the centre of the safety zone, extinguish the candles, turn off the taps and fans, gather any necessary items but leave the play area immediately and spend the next 24 hours away from the play area. If the wager is gone when the player returns he or she lost completely for it was claimed by the spirits and he or she may not play the game again. If the wager is still in the home (it will never simply be where it was left in the circle) then the player is invited, and expected, to play again soon.

Safety first

  • This game will require you to move around in a darkened environment relying on a mirror’s reflection to guide you so unless you want to break an ankle (or worse) it may be in your best interest to clean and move things out of the way before you try it out.
  • Also make sure your drains are unclogged and that the safety zone is on a hard floor. The stands in each room should be secure otherwise you may just flood or burn your play area.

Risk level

Depends what you wager.

Would I play?



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