Årsgång (the Year Walk)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit: OP unknown, but found a page on Wiki.
  • This game may only be played on the following occasions: St Tomas’ Feast Day, Christmas Eve, Yule, the first full moon after Yule, St. Stephen’s Feast Day, Midsummer, Lucia Night, Twelfth Night, New Years Eve, Easter, Summer Solstice.
  • According to Wiki, Årsgång (pronounced Oshgong) is ‘a Swedish pagan rite of the tradition of seidr that was later Christianized. Translating to ‘Year Walk,’ Årsgång is a complex divination ritual to forsee the future and discover mysteries.’ It can also be used to contact supernatural entities.
  • This is designed to be a personal test and may ask more of you than you are willing to give. People have also reported that the glimpse of the future they were given was not worth the trouble.
  • Designed to mimic the Great Hunt and summon Lussi.
  • A game has been made about this. You can watch a play with me by Markiplier here.


  • A weapon of some kind.
  • The lasabrjotur symbol (see below).


  • Isolate yourself in total darkness and silence for 24 hours. You may only drink water during this time. You may not speak or laugh.
  • At exactly midnight walk to a church and circle it counterclockwise three times.
  • Lay the Lasabrjotur symbol on the church lock and say, ‘all trolls reach into the lock; Devil reach in so that it may break.’
  • Blow forcefully into the lock.
  • The walk has started.
  • Your goal is to get to a cemetary and foresee the future without being killed by draugr along the way.
  • You may encounter the following entities during the Year Walk:
    • Skogsra: Seductive women who will guide you to the woods, where they will kill you.
    • Backahasten: A type of supernatural animal who will entice you to ride it in order to reach the cemetary more quickly. Instead it will take you to a body of water where you will be drowned.
    • Mylingen: The draugr of unbaptized babies who will accompany you to the cemetery. They will force you to bury them and then take you beneath the earth to keep them company.
    • Nattravnen: Night Ravens are nocturnal ravens with holes in their wings. If one sees the night sky through these holes, illness and death will quickly follow.
    • Kyrkogrimen: Church Grims inhabit parishes and guard them from desecration. These will be the first entity encountered by any walker. It may disguise itself as a priest.
    • The Wise Man: If you perform the Year Walk each year for seven years in a row then you may encounter an armed man on a horse. He will carry a wand which is decorated with magical runes. You may be able to grab the runkavle, ending the ritual. If you are able to obtain the wand then you can perform divination at will from then on and should gain secret knowledge.
  • Brief interpretations of some of the various things you may see are offered below:
    • If you see spirits emerging from graves then plague and disease are coming.
    • If you see elves carrying wheat, or mice pulling a cart of hay then a good harvest is coming.
    • If you see people chopping things, or armed men in the streets then it means war is coming.

Safety first

Wandering around in the dark while looking like you’re up for a bit of trespassing is not always a good thing.

Risk level


Would I play?



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