The Oklahoma Darkness Game


(c) Original Artist. All images remain the property of their original creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit to karna23.
  • This is another game that I can’t see why anyone would want to play. As usual, listed for completeness.
  • The game must be played at night.
  • You are attempting to summon a demon/evil entity. Bear this in mind.
  • Note that I have added a few elements to make this slightly safer, but I really do not advise playing this one.
  • The OP reports that after the ritual he was haunted by terrible dreams and voices compelling him to do terrible things.


  • 2 torches/flashlights with new batteries.
  • A piece of coloured chalk.
  • An object that makes you feel happy, ideally one with sentimental meaning.
  • 4 candles (any colour).
  • A knife.
  • A compass.
  • Salt.
  • A lighter/matches.
  • A jacket/coat (the room may grow very cold).
  • At least 2 smudge sticks (you can get them on Ebay).


  • Choose your location in advance and ensure it is clean. I don’t recommend playing this in your home.
  • Draw a large circle in chalk. Sprinkle the salt along the circle, forming a ring. Leave a small gap for you to enter. Keep the salt and lighter with you at all times, as well as your happy item.
  • Using your compass, place four candles, one North, East, South and West. Ensure the candles are within the chalk/salt circle. Place one of the smudge sticks (plus any extras) inside the circle. Keep one stick with you, but I recommend having more than one, just in case.
  • Light the candles using the lighter.
  • Using the chalk, draw a pentagram directly south of the candles. This should be outside, but close to the circle.
  • Sit on the pentagram.
  • Pasted directly from the OP: “Begin north invoking earth energy by calling on earth elemental demon of your choosing, for example Belial. Take deep breaths, relax mentally and physically. Take dagger/stick/finger, point it upwards (at the sky) and draw in front of you a pentagram, visualizing energy lines creating the symbol, reciting at the same time enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial. You can repeat the enn three times. Imagine earth, its energy, feeling, entering the circle, creating it. Then you turn east and invoke air energy by calling upon Lucifer (or any air elemental demon of your choosing). Repeat previous step using Lucifer’s enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer. Then visualize air energy, its feeling, entering the circle and creating it. Correspondingly you do the same south for fire (Flereous – Ganic Tasa fubin, Flereous.) and west for water (Leviathan – Jedan Tasa hoet naca, Leviathan.). In the center invoke Satan (Tasa reme laris Satan) as fifth element, the spirit, combining and balancing all elements together.” You may wish to add at the end a time limit for the summoning, such as ‘remain until dawn.’
  • At this point I suggest also summoning some protective entities to watch over you. Pick whichever entity seems appropriate to you.
  • You finish the summoning by blowing out the candles.
  • Walk around the play area. The more you move, the more likely you are to witness supernatural activity. Ensure you keep hold of your salt and happy item at all times. Note that while the demons cannot harm you physically, they can attempt to manipulate you. Stay strong, if you surrender, you surrender yourself to them.
  • You may hear strange knocks, laughter or feel as though you are being followed. The summoning ends at dawn.
  • If at any point you feel in great danger then you should immediately head to your chalk/salt circle. You can light a smudge stick while walking to give extra protection. Waft the smoke around you as you move. Once at the circle, sprinkle some of the salt across the floor of the circle to banish anything within. Quickly use a small amount of the salt to cover the gap you left earlier, closing the doorway behind you. Light the smudge stick and ensure the smoke is used around the circle for as long as possible. Remain inside until dawn. It is suggested that the demons will leave at dawn, but I still recommend inserting a play time into the summoning part for peace of mind.
  • It is strongly suggested that you visit a holy place the following day and ask for a blessing. Continue to smudge the play area and avoid placing anything in there which could serve as a portal (mirror, water).

Safety first

The OP suggests the following: “tell someone you know and trust that you are doing this game and make sure they are nearby in case you need help. Preferably, have them waiting outside in their car so they can see if you do something with the curtains or blinds. Let that be the emergency message, if you open the curtains or open the blinds, then your friend better run his ass to your apartment/house and put the lights on. Don’t rely on a mobile/cellphone.”

Risk level

Very high.

Would I play?

Not a chance.


2 thoughts on “The Oklahoma Darkness Game

  1. Hey… karna writed months ago occ… it was What is your opinion of my work? but he deleted it! he sayed he never even tried this..

    • It is quite possible that this ritual was a creative writing experiment. A lot of these are creepypastas, which are fiction.

      I mainly post things for completeness and because people enjoy reading them and I am highly sceptical myself.

      However, thank you for pointing this out. I think some readers find it reassuring to know that a lot of these games are fiction.

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