How to: Ouija


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How To: Ouija

When readers email me, one of the most common questions asked is how to use an Ouija board. I am not a fan of abstinence only teaching on any subject, so I decided that it might be about time to start a how to series, so that those who choose to do certain things have an idea about what they are doing. So far I intend to cover things like Tarot, Scrying and Smudging – if you have any requests/suggestions then please let me know.


There is a great article about the history of the ouija board here.

How to make one

There are a billion videos and articles out there on how to make an Ouija board. Some people fashion theirs out of paper or cardboard, although wood is the recommended material.

You can find a Wiki How article here.

Original guidelines

Here are the original guidelines which came on the back of one of the first Ouija boards.

Modern guidelines

Almost everyone interested in the supernatural has an opinion on how you should use an Ouija board, or in fact whether you should use one at all. As always with this blog, I leave the final decision to you. Be aware that although it is marketed as a game, many people believe it is extremely dangerous to invite a random spirit into your home. Even if you intend to call on someone in particular, you are never sure exactly who you are talking to and spirits lie, deceive and can attempt to trick you.

Below are a few of the general rules about using an Ouija board.

  • Safe space: It is important to create a safe space away from the Ouija board.
    • Most people recommend a salt circle in the corner of the play room that you can retreat to if things go wrong, or someone becomes frightened. You should keep salt with you to close the door in said salt circle once you have all entered. Don’t make a salt circle around you and the board.
    • If you intend to keep the board I suggest sprinkling a line of salt around the Ouija board after playing to trap any lingering spirits inside.
  • When/when not to play:
    • Never use during a thunderstorm or on a day when the spirit world is especially strong (Midsummer, Halloween etc).
    • Don’t play in a cemetery or church/holy place.
    • Never use when you are somehow impaired: drunk, ill or grief stricken as it leaves you very vulnerable.
    • Do not play alone.
    • Never play in a room where you intend to sleep afterwards. If you become nervous after playing, before you sleep place a salt line across any potential entrances to your room (remember mirrors). This will protect you.
    • Never speak out loud the name of any spirit or entity contacted during the session. Never tell the spirit your name, the names of anyone else present or your location.
  • How to play:
    • People suggest sitting on the floor, cross legged with knees touching. The idea is to keep the spirit contained. If someone breaks the circle, for whatever reason, move to your safe space.
    • One person should ask the questions, so it may be useful to decide them in advance.
    • When you begin, gently move the planchette in a clockwise direction around the board (this is supposed to warm it up).
    • To end the session, immediately move the planchette to ‘goodbye’. Even if you are upset/scared/bored/convinced it’s all a pile of crap, always end the session properly by saying goodbye and moving your planchette to the goodbye area before removing your fingers.
    • If you suspect you have contacted an unpleasant entity then you should destroy the board by covering it with a salt, basil mix/holy water if you believe and bury the pieces in the earth – NEVER BURN IT.
    • Prevent the planchette from falling away from the board – either you will lose connection with the spirit, or it may be able to escape.
    • It is recommended that a silver coin is placed on the board while playing – silver is known to repel evil.
    • Don’t let the spirit control the session. Always be firm, but respectful.
    • Don’t play in a room with dolls, or other objects that could be possessed. Avoid having animals in the same room wherever possible.
  • Conduct:
    • Always be polite.
    • Never ask for physical proof.
    • If you contact a negative spirit, immediately end the session.
    • Never ask the spirit about God, the Devil, Angels or the afterlife. Don’t ask about your own death – no one needs to know that and they’ll probably lie anyway.
    • Don’t ask the spirit for a favour.
    • Don’t ask the spirit how they died. It’s rude.
  • Warnings:
    • Most important of all, if anyone playing becomes upset or uncomfortable, end the session immediately. Be considerate.
    • If the planchette moves to the four corners of the board, end the session immediately.
    • If the planchette begins spinning in a figure of 8, end the session.
    • If it begins to count down through the numbers, or backwards through the alphabet, end the session.
    • If the planchette begins to spin counter-clockwise, end the session.
    • Never make an ouija board out of a mirror, or play within arms reach of one. Never play near standing pools of water.

Final Notes. 

Lastly, although people suggest making your board out of wood and using it whenever you like, I would always suggest destroying your board after each session. You are creating a portal and then establishing a connection with someone or something – once they have come through once it becomes easier each time and spirits become more powerful the longer they are summoned. I also recommend disposing of the silver coin at the end of the session, even though it is said to repel evil, any objects associated with the game are best destroyed in the appropriate way to avoid establishing a permanent connection to a particular spirit.

Also, remember that playing these sort of games can upset some people. If you suspect someone is vulnerable, try to persuade them to avoid the Ouija board altogether.

Even if something does happen, spirits lie and manipulate and so don’t believe anything they tell you. They may promise things or threaten things, but you should always remain in control of the session and end it as soon as things become uncomfortable.


2 thoughts on “How to: Ouija

  1. This was an interesting read, and I found out quite a few facts about ouija that I was previously unaware of…..I want to know why you said we must never burn an ouija board…..Since in most games, it is always recommended to burn the stuff later on, and I personally believe that burning something purifies it(in my religion, hinduism) the god of fire is said to purify by fire. But I think you might be stating that burning may release the negative energy(?)

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