11 Miles


(c) Original Artist. All images remain the property of their original creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit to Emeryy.
  • It is important to note that this ritual is designed to get you something that you need and should therefore only be undertaken at the most desperate of times.
  • You can only play this alone.
  • Do not turn on the radio during the drive.
  • Do not use your mobile/cellphone.
  • Do not open the windows or attempt to leave your vehicle.
  • Never exceed thirty miles per hour.


  • A vehicle, a car will probably work best. Ideally the car should be small, or plain as you don’t want to be noticeable.


  • Begin at night, ideally when there are few people around.
  • Fuel your car.
  • Find the road, it is nameless and will not appear on any map. You will find it if you need to and most commonly it is found when driving aimlessly around in an area near woodland. The appearance of the road will depend on your particular need, in the words of the author: ‘if you’re in search of wealth, you may spot shimmers on the empty branches of trees as if they resembled the shine of gold or diamonds. If you seek love, you may begin to see rose petals slowly dance in the light breeze, blowing in the road’s direction. If you seek revenge, you might sense an ever growing feeling of heat or anger in your body as you approach.’
  • Once you are certain you have found the road, turn onto it.
  • You have begun your journey and you will be tested.
  • At first you will not notice much, perhaps the air will feel a little colder than expected. Keep your eyes on the road and keep moving. You may see figures moving out there in the darkness, but try to ignore them.
  • Eventually the road will become a winding dirt path and you may begin to hear voices whispering to you. Don’t listen to them, listening establishes a connection. You don’t want that.
  • You will reach a clearing, at one side of which will be a lake with no end – above this will be a moon so bright that you will be able to turn off your headlights. Avoid looking at the moon.
  • The stars may disappear at this point and all around will seem an empty, black abyss – no light, no hope. Your headlights may begin to flicker for no explicable reason.
  • Your radio may come on at this point and a voice will speak to you. Attempt to ignore it and speed up if you need to, remembering not to exceed thirty miles an hour.
  • At some point after the radio voice has faded away, the whispers will return. Do not turn around or pay it any attention, avoid looking into your rearview mirror.
  • Around the nine mile mark, your vehicle will stall and there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening. You need to remain calm, close your eyes and immediately restart the vehicle. You may be surrounded by strange figures at this point, keep your eyes tightly shut until the car starts.
  • At the ten mile mark the road will once again become as it once was.
  • On the eleventh mile your vehicle will again lose power, but you will continue moving onward toward a glowing red light. Close your eyes and do not open them, cover your ears with your hands. The cold will become a terrible heat, from which there is no escape. It will be terrible, but if you keep your eyes closed then you shall prevail.
  • Once the heat recedes power will return to your car. Stop the car and take a moment to recover, you will need it. Once you are ready, continue on.
  • You will reach a dead end, stop. Relax and close your eyes, imagining what it is that you desire. Some people say that their desires change during the journey. Once you are certain that your desire is fixed in your mind, open your eyes.
  • If what you desired was material then it may be in the back seat, or boot of the car. Perhaps it is in your pocket. If what you wanted was not material then you must be patient – your reward will come in time.
  • Your dreams may be terrible from this point on, but only you will know if the price is worth the reward.

Safety first

Buckle up.

Risk level


Would I play?

Probably not, but then I don’t own a car.


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