The Pencil Game (Charlie Charlie)


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit to scary for kids.
  • Originated in Mexico.
  • Has become a popular recently, even though it is claimed this is an old game.
  • Also known as Charlie Charlie, Six Pencils or Charlie Charlie Challenge. There are two versions, one is a solo game and the other can be played with a friend.
  • Similar to ouija.
  • You may either be contacting the spirit of a young boy or a demon.

Equipment (solo play, Charlie Charlie)

  • Two pencils and a piece of paper. I know, I know; how are you supposed to find such exotic ingredients?

Steps (solo play, Charlie Charlie)

  • Draw two lines on your paper to form a cross (see the main picture above).
  • Write ‘yes’ in top left and bottom right corners of the cross, write ‘no’ in the remaining spaces.
  • Use the two pencils to form a cross, as in the above picture.
  • Out loud, say, ‘Charlie, Charlie, can we play?’
  • A pencil should point to either yes or no.
  • If the answer is yes then you may proceed. Ask questions which will be answered in the same manner as the previous one.
  • To end the game simply say, ‘Charlie, Charlie, may we stop?’ You must continue until you receive a yes answer. Once this is received, say, ‘goodbye,’ because you’re not a rude pig (are you?) and remove the pencils from the paper.
  • Burn or destroy the paper.
  • Get on with your life.

Equipment (two people, six pencils)

  • Six unsharpened pencils.

Steps (two people, six pencils)

  • Each player should take three pencils.
  • Arrange them to form three sides of a square (as above). The ends of the pencils should touch and each of you should touch the tip of the unsharpened pencils (or you could just play Twister).
  •  In unison, say, ‘Charlie, Charlie, can we play?’
  • If the pencils move inward, the answer is yes. If the pencils move outward, the answer is no. If one side should move inward, the other outward, then the answer is maybe. Up means yes, down, no. To think, the magic 8 ball seemed vague.
  • To end the game follow the steps stated above in the solo play version. This time, drop the pencils to the floor afterwards and then bury them, broken, in the earth.

Safety first

Erm, lead poisoning?

Risk level


Would I play?




4 thoughts on “The Pencil Game (Charlie Charlie)

  1. There’s another version of this where you use six pencils. I played the 6 pencils version and it really works! A friend and I played it three times and I noticed that the darker the area we played in, the more Charlie responded. He also seemed more intent on not letting us leave in darker areas… Anyway, I hear the method with the yes/no paper isn’t very effective but I haven’t tried it. Six pencils is the only game I’ve played and it’s the only one intend to. One question I have though is why is the Pencil Game getting popular suddenly when it’s been around for years???

      • I find it funny that people suddenly take interest in the paranormal games! I just like researching them for fun so it doesn’t surprise me much. There are some kids at school that like messing with Charlie and they love breaking the game rules. It worries me a bit cause you never what could happen but it is funny to watch a whole group leave the room screaming over the slightest pencil movement.

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