The Greedy Baron Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit to ViciousKrimson of Reddit.
  • This game is designed to summon an entity known as The Baron.
  • The symbols of scarcity are intended to convince the entity that you are poor. The OP suggests that you use something broken or worn, e.g. tattered clothing. Wooden items work well as wood is ‘considered a poor man’s metal’. OP recommends using three different items.
  • The valuable trinkets mentioned in equipment are a little more complicated. The value of them must be determined in an economic sense; no childhood teddy bears (unless they’re are made of gold). OP recommends using coins (not notes), these can be of any value and don’t even need to still be usable. DO NOT USE JEWELLERY. In fact, OP recommends that you remove jewellery from the house entirely and avoid wearing it yourself. The number of trinkets is up to you, but you should be able to quickly count them – OP states, no more than ten, no fewer than 3. Never use 4 or 13.
  • You must only end the game when you have either noticed something wrong or when all of the coins are gone (one way or another). Do not end the game halfway through, the Baron will not like this and considers it cheating.
  • Purify the rooms by smudging.
  • OP notes: “The Baron searching your house for riches is probably the biggest real threat that can rear its head during this ritual. He won’t exactly be subtle about it. That being said, he will not harm you unless you provoke him or cheat. He will consider the following as cheating: • Using a container that’s anything but completely empty • Having another person in the room (they CAN be present somewhere else in the house, as was the case with me) • Using toy money or non-monetary coins • Tampering with the coins in any other way • Grabbing multiple coins at the same time • Having both of your hands in the bowl at the same time • Filling the bowl with salt water or keeping salt on your person • Keeping a hand behind your back or in your pocket • Addressing him (it is recommended not to speak at all until after you’ve turned on the lights) Do NOT do any of these things. Keep in mind that just sitting there and letting the Baron win will make you look weak. There’s no telling what kind of unwanted attention such an attitude may draw…Carrying a lucky charm is not considered cheating but, as I’ve mentioned before, DO NOT wear jewellery. Not sure if watches or piercings count, but it’s really better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances, isn’t it?”


  • 1 large, shallow bowl.
  • A few valuable trinkets (see notes).
  • 2 pillows.
  • 1 pack of candles and suitable wooden stands.
  • Matches/a lighter.
  • An opaque pot/other similar container.
  • Salt.
  • 1 symbol of scarcity for each door or room adjacent to your entrance hall (see notes).
  • Items to smudge with.


  • Prepare the room. You do this by removing all valuable items, especially those that might reflect wealth (nice vases, gold, expensive televisions).
  • At night fill the shallow bowl with water and place it on the floor.
  • Open all doors leading to the hallway of your house (or the room you enter first when coming through the front door). You must also open the front door. All other doors in your home should be closed and the lights within each should be either turned off or dimmed. Spread a line of salt in front of each of these doorways.
  • Place your chosen symbols of scarcity in the centre of all doorways coming from the hall. They must remain there for the entirety of the ritual.
  • In your chosen room you should light a number of candles and place them around the bowl (no need to worry about spacing).
  • Place the pillows either side of the bowl so that they are facing each other.
  • Gather your trinkets. Sit on one of the pillows, placing the empty container in front of you. Drop your trinkets into the bowl of water and wait.
  • You may feel a sudden chill or notice ripples in the water. OP notes the game should be abandoned should you feel a chill, but see no ripple, or if the water spills. Equally, abandon the game if you hear movement around the house or the candles go out.
  • When the ripples have grown strong enough to reach the edge of the bowl check if all the coins you placed in the container are still there. If so, take one and place it in the container. Only take one coin at a time. Repeat the process until all of the coins are gone.
  • The Baron will try to steal the coins. You may have seven coins in the bowl, blink and then find only six still remain. The best outcomes of this game are to transfer all of the coins before the Baron steals them, or to let him take them all (though this is dangerous, see notes). If you should finish the game with coins in your container then the Baron will try to tempt you to play again. Should you keep them all then he will lose interest in you.
  • To end the game you should flip the bowl upside down. Sploosh and not in a good way. Turn on all lights and blow out the candles, but ensure the front door stays open for now. Check your symbols of scarcity and your container. If you have lost coins since you ended the game or any of the symbols have been moved, you must immediately purify these rooms (see the notes section). If your symbols have moved then you may already be too late to avoid losing your valuables in that particular room. Purify the hall the next day.

Safety first

Erm, don’t eat the coins. You may also want to clean up the water unless you’re into sudden head injuries.

Risk level

  • Medium. There are too many unknowns in this game. Plus, everyone likes their stuff.
  • My other concern, if you believe in such things, is that this could still be considered bargaining with an entity. This doesn’t usually end well.

Would I play?

Probably not. There is no real gain to this game.


2 thoughts on “The Greedy Baron Game

  1. The Greedy Baron reminds me a lot of the voodoo loa, or god, Baron. He’s nothing to mess with, so if anyone wants to play this game, be extremely cautious.

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