Musical Chairs Alone (game)


(c) Hongtao Zhou. All images remain the property of their original creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • I cannot pinpoint an origin for this story, though it reads very much like a creepypasta. I think the original OP may have been Spooky_Nightmare, but I cannot find confirmation of this. I therefore would like to credit Cocoa who brought it to my attention. You can also read about it at the Ghost in My Machine.
  • This seems to be a basic summoning ritual, but there seems to be no real pay-off, unless you enjoy running around chairs to creepy music (hey, no judgement here; we all have hobbies). Make sure you set clear rules when playing any of these type of games.
  • This must be played alone.



  • Make your chosen play area quiet and dark. Get Tip Toe ready to play. Close all doors to the room.
  • You should start the game between midnight and three am.
  • Turn off the lights and hold the unlit match in your hand (don’t light it).
  • Start the music and walk around the chair six times in total.
  • The instructions state that a few things may happen now:
    • If the music stops then you have won the game, sit down and light the match.
    • If the music keeps playing then no one wants to play with you – this is probably the time to crack out the ice cream and cry about how not even dead people think you’re cool. However, be aware that you have invited something into your house, so even if it doesn’t want to play, it might stay anyway.
    • If the chair tips over then you must immediately leave the room. Do not look at it and never enter that room alone again.

Safety first

  • Just don’t trip and bash your face.
  • Avoid splinters from the chair when you desperately grab onto it as the demon drags you away.

Risk level

High. As Lucia Peters (Ghost in My Machine) identified, there is no real detail to this game. You have no idea what you are summoning and there are no fail safes in place to stop it hanging around afterwards. There is no reward to this game either, so it makes it even more confusing why someone would want to play.

Would I play


General Note

I just wanted to recommend a podcast for anyone else who likes creepy delivered directly to their ears. I have recently started listening to The Black Tapes podcast. There are only a few episodes so far, but it is well produced and seems interesting. I am in no way affiliated with this show, I just think it’s good. Available from your usual podcast source.

3 thoughts on “Musical Chairs Alone (game)

  1. This game sounds very unsafe, as there is zero reward for both parties, except if you lose. Then the ghost gets a new toy ie, you. The reason it is intriguing to me is the choice of the song.. its a pretty old song by a Nick Something….(I can’t remember the name sorry….) and is supposedly a love song… however the tiny tim reversion, which I have heard… is pretty spooky to listen…. and does NOT sound like a love song… maybe it was his eccentricity, l don’t know. But I would surely like to know WHY this song is used.

  2. It sounds like the only real fail safe here is to bless the house should something go wrong. Either that or put salt around doorways to prevent it from following you. Even then, you don’t know when something like a pet or person may disturb the salt unintentionally so yeah, not the best game to try.

    • I agree. You can take precautions with these sort of games, but when there aren’t any fail safes actually built into the game then it’s not one I would be keen to try.

      I also don’t like any games that aren’t clear about exactly what you’re summoning. You wouldn’t go out into the middle of the street and start inviting random people into your house, why do it in a game?

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